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by Seamfix

The London stock exchange group (LSEG) has selectively recognized SEAMFIX as one of the companies to inspire Africa 2019!!!

This is the second edition of London Stock Exchange Group’s report – Companies to Inspire Africa 2019. This pioneering report identifies Africa’s most inspirational and dynamic private, high-growth companies who are affecting and Inspiring the African market in different special ways. 

The growth rates and sector diversity of the firms featured highlight their unique potential to transform the African and global economy and become world-class job creators for innovative individuals.

This recognition echoes the vision of Seamfix, which is to provide platforms that enable and inspire millions of African businesses and people to achieve more daily. Today, KYC has become a major part of our everyday lives; the need to get clean and verifiable data of customers or clientele, the need to validate these collated data seamlessly and conveniently, and the mandate to do all these while strictly adhering to requirements by regulatory bodies.

The Seamfix KYC solution offers an end-to-end data acquisition, identity management, on-the-go verification, and risk analysis for accelerated client on-boarding. It aims to empower leading organizations to make informed data-driven decisions faster while simultaneously achieving a sustainable and compliant regulatory environment for the business and its customers.

Mr. Chimezie Emewulu, the CEO of Seamfix, remarked on this great achievement saying, “we are humbled by this great recognition. This is beyond just an opportunity but a validation of the priceless efforts and sweat put into building Seamfix as a brand and our amazing products. Though this recognition has our name on it, in truth, it belongs to everyone who has made this a reality.”

The Co-founder & Executive Director of Seamfix, Mr. Chibuzor Onwurah, added to this by appreciating all Seamfix clientele, partners, and everyone who partook and currently partakes in the growth of the company. “This award is for all of us, including you, for your continuous efforts, utter trust, and contributions to our growth. We say a big thank you.”

In commemoration, the London Stock Exchange Group has invited Seamfix to celebrate the launch of LSEG “Companies to Inspire Africa 2019” report in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted by PwC.

The Launch commenced on the 11th of July by 9:30 am, with the arrival of key guests, speakers and all companies nominated to inspire Africa. 

Representing Seamfix was Chimezie (Managing  Director), Chibuzor (co-founder and executive director), Olamide (Chief Technology Officer), Petra (Marketing Lead) and Deborah (Corporate Communications executive). 

At the event was the Governor of Ogun state Prince (DR.) Dapo Abiodun, MFR and other key guests like the Deputy British High Commissioner to Niger, Country Senior partner of PwC Nigeria, Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission. 


Prince (DR.) Dapo Abiodun, MFR Governor of Ogun State

The purpose of the Launch was to specially recognize and appreciate the 97 Nigerian companies that were nominated. 

The event kicked off with the first speaker who expatiated on the importance of this launch to the nominated companies, which are as follows: 

  1. To put the spotlight on private sectors and celebrate their efforts to succeed notwithstanding the difficulties of the Nigerian economy.
  2. Investment opportunities to the global investors across through LSE for the listed companies.
  3. To include the listed companies in the partnership and collaboration between the UK and Nigerian governments.
  4. To recognize us as great evidence towards the growth of Nigeria. 
  5. Gain more insights and experiences from each other. 
  6. Networking and collaboration with each other. 

Furthermore, 4 companies from the 97 companies nominated, shared their experiences and challenges faced and their achievements as a public and private sector. One of the speakers Mrs. Chantelle O. Abdul, Head of MOJEC International Limited, emphasized on the need for all organizations to provide solutions in-line with the issues people face in the world today.

To continue the program, we had various Panel sessions where an assigned panelist asked a few questions regarding government regulations, investment space, etc. 

To crown the event, a special reception was held at the Residence of the British Deputy High Commissioner. The ambiance was very cool and calm, everyone chatting and networking.  


Mr Chimezie Emewulu extensively discussing with the Executive Secretary/Chief  Executive Officer (NIPC) Yewande Sadiku

At the end of the Reception, the Commissioner appreciated the team for compiling this year’s report and finally congratulated all 97 Nigeria companies nominated.