5 Benefits of Time Clock Systems for Schools
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5 Benefits of Time Clock Systems for Schools

by Seamfix

How can a child successfully master a skill when his or her progress is continuously interrupted by the teacher’s absence?

A teacher is the most influential factor in a student’s academic success and can change the trajectory of a child’s entire life. Not only do teachers’ tardiness and absenteeism hurt the students, it also affects taxpayers, parents, and largely, the credibility of the school as there is a correlation between general absenteeism of staff in a school and the perceived quality of that school. Therefore, reducing absenteeism of both administrative and non-administrative staff must be a priority of every school board.

A lot of schools still adopt the manual methods of supervising time and attendance all of which have little or no positive effect and the task is a burden on responsible staff. The best option is Time Clock Systems for Schools.

Here’s how time clock systems for schools will benefit you.

The benefits of time clock systems for schools are numerous, however, five benefits stand out:

  • Better Time Management: The right solution will ensure a smooth and organized running of operations as administrators can better track time worked by faculty, staff, student workers, volunteers, and part-time employees.  Moreover, valuable time is saved as the process is automated and needs little or no human effort.
  • Understand workforce availability:  Time clock systems will ensure that administrators are abreast with the attendance status of staff to know who is available at a particular time. With this, scheduling resources and staffing can be optimized. More so, staff performance can be tracked at the touch of a button, so getting information like ‘Most punctual teacher of the year’ or answering questions like ‘whose pay to dock for being absent without leave?’ or making decisions like ‘granting off time requests” can be done at a glance.
  • Quality and compliance: Effective staff performance is essential to keeping the school system functioning smoothly. Time clock systems for schools will ensure compliance with labor laws and curb time theft. With help from a tracking software application, management will be able to keep the entire school under control and measure staff productivity in relation to time and attendance.
  • Policy Making: With access to instant untainted reports that time clock systems for schools provide, admins can gain knowledge to better manage absence and punctuality. Information like time off liabilities, attendance behaviors of staff, time-theft perpetrators, leave overuse and more will ensure effective data-driven policies are made to curb tardiness and absenteeism.
  • Profitable bottom line: When it comes to education, parents and taxpayers go for credibility and will enroll their children in schools that promise the best. A school with absenteeism problems will not be ranked over a school that frowns at it. Therefore, more students will troop to that school, hence more profit.

Time and Attendance Supervision Made Easy With iClocker

We could go on and on, telling you all the other benefits of time clock systems for schools, or we could go straight to showing you the perfect solution fit to solve all time and attendance needs.

iClocker is a mobile time and attendance solution fit for schools of all sizes to manage punctuality, track attendance, and supervise teaching and non-teaching staff in multiple locations with real-time reports centralized in one suite.

This cloud-based solution maintains the biometric means of clocking in through its facial recognition system which means no more buddy punching or impersonation. What more, administrators do not have to spend money on hardware installation or maintenance as this mobile solution only asks that users clock in/ out using their own smartphones, with or without the internet.

iClocker simplifies the strenuous and time-consuming tasks other processes promise. So why don’t you get started now for FREE.