And The Most Innovative Company Of The Year Goes To….
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And The Most Innovative Company Of The Year Goes To….

by Seamfix

Once again, the Nigeria Technology Awards has recognized Seamfix for yet another category of awards as the “Most Innovative Company of the Year” in 2019.





The Nigeria Technology Awards (NITA) is an annual event to celebrate and reward technology entrepreneurs, technology professionals, corporate organizations, innovators, etc. The event is aimed at building a large scale and internationally recognized technology awards in Nigeria.





This is an exciting win for us crowning our relentless efforts to build cutting-edge technology solutions that enable millions of people and businesses to achieve more daily.





Since 2016, we have been nominated in a number of NITA Awards categories and won several of them, consecutively, including; I.T Services & Support Company of the year, Tech Company of the year,  Software Development Company of the year, Tech Innovation project of the year and many more.




In addition, this year’s category also recognized our Managing Director, Mr Chimezie Emewulu, as the ‘Most Enterprising Tech Entrepreneur of the year”. This is his personality second award from the stables of NITA.





We are sure glad to add these current awards to our teeming shelves. These accolades, we dedicate to our clients and customers, the reasons why we do what we do. Thank you, and cheers to more wins.





Here’s to many more milestones to come!

Demystifying the ‘HOW MIGHT WE’s’ of Micro Pensions Registration and KYC Onboarding Processes.

by Seamfix

The Nigerian informal sector is fast becoming a major contributor to the nation’s economy, accounting for 65% of her GDP in 2017 (according to IMF). This sector makes up a significant portion of employment, constituting the larger percentage of the working population in the country. This is one of the major reasons why the Pension Reform Act (PRA) in 2014 expanded coverage of the CPS to individuals in this sector with the strategic objective of covering 30% of the working population in Nigeria by the end of 2024. This reason birthed the Micro Pensions Plan Initiative - a pension scheme that caters to the unique characteristics of individuals in this informal sector.

Getting these individuals all set up on a micro pensions plan will follow the same route as that of the regular pension. This means ‘data must be captured’. The registration and onboarding processes in their most basic forms will involve;

  • Gathering capture agents,
  • Deploying agents to carry out capture on the field,
  • Collecting clients’ data for profiling, both textual and biometric data including fingerprints, passport photos,  and signatures - all up to standards of the regulatory body.
  • Collecting unique identifiers such as NIN and BVN.

However, there are the intricate parts to this processes, some of which would beg the following ‘HOW MIGHT WE‘ questions …

  1.  How might we get access to a network of trained capture agents to meet these individuals especially outside the bank? And how might we   monitor these deployed agents to ensure they are capturing the required data
  2.  How might we perform constant quality checks after each capture to ensure biometrics data meet the required standard?
  3.  How might we capture contributors in remote locations where internet connection is either unstable or unavailable?
  4.  How might we speed up the process of analysis by ensuring data gets to the back-end in real-time?
  5.  How might we collect and authenticate unique identifiers on-the-go so we are not surprised during analysis?



And that’s where BioRegistra comes in to answer all the How Might We’s….

BioRegistra as a mobile end-to-end digitization tool offers itself as the perfect alternative to available solutions by providing Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) with a robust electronic platform that enables fast and seamless KYC onboarding of micro pensions contributors, including cross-border individuals, without limit in the field.

With BioRegistra, PFAs can:

Access Unlimited Capture Agents

BioRegistra’s access to a wide network of capture agents ensures that nationwide capture and faster customer onboarding can be easily achieved. The “Agent Management” feature allows PFAs to choose numerous individuals who would assist in capturing contributors’ details in different locations. This feature also allows admins to see a real-time overview of the data capture/ registration activities as carried out by these agents. Agents are fully empowered with ready-made templates that can be easily edited by dragging and dropping necessary fields.

Capture All Kinds of Information

PFAs can collect all kinds of client data, including textual, fingerprints, images, and signatures without limit even outside the bank. BioRegistra performs quality checks on-the-go, ensuring that captured biometric data meet the standard requirements - such as fingerprints capture and photos that comply with the standard FBI AFIS certification, WSQ format and NFIQ score. What more, captured data can be generated in XML formats, in compliance with the standard as stipulated by PENCOM.

Capture Contributor’s Data Successfully Offline

BioRegistra allows PFAs to reach contributors anywhere using offline forms. This means that even without internet connectivity, agents can still get to capture individuals’ data without stress. Captured data is stored on the device and synced seamlessly when internet connectivity is detected. This ensures unbiased nationwide inclusion especially for individuals in remote, rural locations.

Cut Down on Processes with Real-time Integrations

With BioRegistra, PFAs do not have to manually enter captured data after returning from field registrations. Instead, admins have access to all captured data in one glance and in real-time. This ensures analysis and onboarding with speed.

Collect, Issue and Authenticate Unique Identifiers

BioRegistra provides an interface with the National Identity Database for the authentication of NIN and BVN for individuals seeking to register under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS). BioRegistra even goes further to enable electronic submissions of requests by PFAs for the registration of unique contributors and issuance of PINs; automates the process of issuing employer codes; provides an electronic interface for PFAs to carry out bio-data updates and edits of clients’ information on the National Data Bank.



In conclusion, finding a solution for meeting your KYC requirements during the micro pensions onboarding and registration process should not be a challenge when you have BioRegistra to ease the entire process of data capture. Your next question should be “How might we get started?” that’s easy, you can get started for FREE by clicking this ‘sign up’ link below.



Are you, or your organization passionate about data? collecting it? collating it? analyzing it? then you are the kind of people we write for. Follow our publication, and you would gain knowledge on everything data, from the process of easy capture to the end goal of making data-driven decisions.

Seamfix Officially Launches BioRegistra

by Seamfix

SEAMFIX, Nigeria’s leading provider of identity management solutions, officially launched BioRegistra on 17th October 2017, with media, stakeholders and several dignitaries from the private and public sectors present, to coincide with her 10th year anniversary as leaders in identity management and seamless technology solutions.

BioRegistra is cloud-based state of the art platform developed for individuals, corporates, and government, among others to assist them to capture data, store the data, and have access to the data at any time they desire.

The innovative data capture and data management platform, allows a fully automated process that guarantees seamless execution of all KYC business processes, thus enabling faster customer on-boarding and increasing customer satisfaction.


Speaking during the launch, Chimezie Emewulu, SEAMFIX MD, reiterated that BioRegistra was conceptualized to deal with the challenges of accurate data management. Nigeria’s major challenge is gathering needed data for accurate needs and assessment. With BioRegistra, this challenge is history as the platform can be used to capture all forms of data – animate or inanimate.

BioRegistra provides data validation and all-time accessibility from any part of the world. The intelligent quarantine engine is designed to detect fraudulent and fictitious records and prevent them from being processed. In terms of security, the captured data is hosted on a world-class, secure, reliable and trusted cloud platform, so you have no reason to worry about information safety.

Seamfix calls on government and companies to start making data-driven decisions for improved efficiency and this cannot happen if data is still locked in files and paper archives. Traditionally, we fill paper-based forms in loads of situations when we are applying for different things; from our letter of identification at the local government areas to affidavits at courts to even marriage registries. BioRegistra eliminates this manual process because it enables capture of data into a central database with real-time analysis.
It is better, more efficient and cost-effective.



BioRegistra is a demonstration of the customer-centric approach adopted by the company to ensure that users derive maximum value from the platform.” – Chibuzor Onwurah, Executive Director of SEAMFIX stated as he unveiled the product to the audience.

In today’s business climate, insightful data is king. Informed decisions are made based on data. BioRegistra is designed to deliver this insightful data into the hands of discerning individuals, corporate organizations, and governments in real time.

Here are some highlights:


Evolving an Efficient Data Capture System in Government Organizations

by Seamfix

One of the things usually unaccounted for in government, and often the source of outrage by the masses, is a number of resources spent (wasted) in public administration. Sometimes it appears there is a certain pleasure derivable from duplicating offices and processes to the detriment of the masses. The line between the portfolio of one government officer/office and another is sometimes not clearly defined in Nigeria, which results in repetition of processes and activities.

Take for instance the idea of processing through immigration and customs and other government offices before traveling outside the country or entering it. The documentation usually required by each of these organizations is the same and as such, there can be a central database that is accessible to such concerned organizations. Such database would also be accessible in the long-term so that a person does not have to start processing or showing all the documentation over and over again each time he or she wants to travel.

Maintaining a database like this makes it easier for government organizations to store and access information in a central location, accessible to all concerned, and this saves time that can be used more productively. It also saves up a cost for the government and citizens.

In Nigeria, for example, some things are done so repeatedly they begin to wear people down. One is forced to ask if there is some sort of pleasure we derive from stress? Go to schools and see how repetitive the registration process can be. Go to government offices and see how records are filed and lost. But we cannot remain like this, not in our world where automation has made life much easier.

Some of these problems can easily be solved by BioRegistra which has features that enable easy and flexible data capture anytime and anywhere for the convenience of both the government agencies and the people. Data captured on BioRegistra is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, making it a viable data capture solution to harmonize the repetitive activities of some agencies of the government. Once information about a particular individual is stored and shared with relevant organizations, it can be easily accessed by any of them from anywhere.


Life is that easy. There is no need to make it more complicated and more stressful than it should be.