Choosing The Best Time Clock Systems For Construction
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Choosing The Best Time Clock Systems For Construction

by Seamfix

So you are a site supervisor or contractor, back on the site two weeks after a well-needed vacation and what you are faced with is a classic case of ‘what I ordered versus what I got’. Not only does it seem like no progress has been made on the site since you left, but then only a few of your workers are actually on site.

And then you begin asking questions;

Where is the bricklayer?” and the answer you get is, “I dunno, I haven’t seen him in two days.”

This comes as a shock to you of course because you spoke with the bricklayer today and the day before and he assured you without a hint of doubt that he was on the site doing the work you are paying him daily to do.

Next, ‘talk of the latecomer and here he comes’ the bricklayer strolls to the site with the candor of an innocent man and when he sees you, he throws a guilty smile. “Ah, when did you arrive? I didn’t know you will be here today.”

If this is your story, it is best to consider a ‘time clock system’ fast.

Managing construction workforce remotely can be significantly tasking, what with keeping track of hours spent at work, vacation time, and overtime. Automating this process with a time and attendance solution enables you to do all that in no time at all whilst improving employee accountability, inspiring a culture of punctuality, revamping attendance policies, cutting operational costs and increasing productivity.

What you need…

As a supervisor with mobile employees and contingent workforce who work in multiple locations throughout the day, you need a bird’s-eye view of where your workforce is at any given moment. Clock in systems offer GPS tracking that allows you to see if your a member of your workforce is present at an assigned location, is on the way, or has yet to clock in for the day

– If you pay your construction workers by the hour, you need to be able to see what time your workforce resume to the site or leave the site for any reason at all so you do not pay for absent hours.

– Since you are managing an entire crew, working with subcontractors, and even pacifying worried customers, the last thing you would want to add to your workload is sorting through loads of time cards, uploading attendance reports, and manually tracking payroll. Let a software do that for you.

Your choice solution would have to be mobile so that you do not need to spend money buying hardware to be installed in all your different locations.

– What would it be all for if at the end you do not get real-time accurate data? With a clock in system, you get reports and analytics of your workforce attendance behavior in real-time and since the process is automated, the data is accurate down to the second with no human interference whatsoever.

We agree that change is hard…

The change from a manual process to an automated way of monitoring time and attendance may be hard initially, especially for the crew since they have operated a certain way for a while and are probably okay with the method. Therefore, your choice time clock system must be user-friendly and simple so that it is easy enough to use after one onboarding session; flexible so that it suits your business needs even as they arise; and be interesting enough to convince your workforce to happily ditch the old method.

iClocker for the win…

From biometric facial recognition to GPS tracking to real-time reporting, iClocker saves hours on time and attendance monitoring making it the ideal time clock system for construction everywhere. This cloud-based time and attendance solution works on mobile phones, so the workforce can clock in to work using their own smartphones.

With iClocker, employees register their arrival daily at assigned locations by taking selfies of themselves smiling. The biometric effect ensures that not only can members of staff clock in from any location, they also can not be impersonated or ‘helped’ to clock in.

Besides having the simplicity that your workforce will love or the detailed reporting that will make you happier, this solution also covers all the bases leaving no room for excuses. No internet, clock in can be done offline. No smartphone, clock in with the single touchpoint device. What other excuses can there be?

In conclusion, it is not unheard of for offsite workers to go AWOL once the supervisor is not around. So, if you are worried about truancy at the site, maybe getting ready to rush to the site to take a headcount… pause for minute… and click on this LINK to get started with iClocker FREE.