One Game-Changing Truth World’s Top Telecommunications Companies Might Not Know
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One Game-Changing Truth World’s Top Telecommunications Companies Might Not Know

by Seamfix

This is not common knowledge:  Just like self- driving cars are changing the transportation game, automatic airtime recharge and data top-up will change the game for the telecommunications industry forever. The question now is, who will be the first to hit the mark?


The telecommunications industry has already established itself as one of the most significant sectors in the world, and as humans’ needs for telephone and Internet services continue to grow, the industry is forecasted to expand even more than we can imagine. 

The necessity and clamour for the services that the telecommunications industry offers have already been established, but when it comes to determining who to go for, customers are spoilt for choice. In the competitive telecommunications industry, the main condition to maintain brand life is to win customer loyalty — their positive word of mouth referrals alone is enough to gain more customers.

Sure, subscribers factor in the corporate image, service quality, trust, and other business features of the different brands when in the consideration phase; but in this digital world, where artificial intelligence is transforming every and all, one feature that would stand out especially for the 21st-century subscribers is the telecom operator’s ability to ‘Automate for Convenience’.


Automate for Convenience is a made-up term that defines business’ move to automate mundane processes through digitalization technologies, offering customers a convenient and easy way to avail themselves with products and services with only a few button-clicks on their mobile devices.


The 21st-century subscribers are exposed every day to the wonders of transformative technology and how easy and more convenient life can get. With the “Hey Siri call mom” to the “Alexa, launch Netflix” way of life, applying artificial intelligence —  the single most transformative technology of this century — to technologically driven solutions is no longer up for debate.

AI is here to automate the telecommunications space and has already begun. Two processes that scream transformation are the processes of Airtime recharge and Data Top-up.  The airtime recharge and data top-up processes have seen some digital transformation over time; from the rigid recharge cards with pin codes to a more flexible USSD code recharge. But does innovation stop there? Not even close. 

Again, coming back to self-driving cars, Siri and Alexa; the big idea is the permission to not move a muscle and still get things done. People are always on the go, and when they are on the phone, they want a seamless experience which would mean no sudden cuts or pause to top-up.


So; how about a system that saves subscribers the hassle of having to manually purchase airtime, data, or other related prepaid and postpaid services. A system whose only duty is to monitor the airtime and data usage of a subscriber, waiting for these to reach a preset limit. A system that immediately triggers a top-up directly from the subscriber’s bank account within less than a millisecond of the airtime or data hitting the preset limit.


To subscribers, this would mean; no need to pause and move a muscle to log on to a mobile banking app or dial a USSD code or insert logical pins to top-up. Airtime recharge and data top-up will be done unconsciously and subscribers need not run out ever. Now, that is like the self-driving cars of telecommunications.

The benefits of this system to your telco will be endless. Just think about this: subscribers “never running out of airtime or data” would mean a continuous stream of revenue for your telco. Not to mention the wow factor that would retain current subscribers and attract new ones.

Artificial Intelligence is here to change the game, and soon, there will be an intense race for automated airtime recharge and data top-up systems. The winners would be the smart telecommunications operators that started early.

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by Seamfix

‘Success is no accident…’ ; Despite with the oil wells running dry, less than 30 million banked Nigerians and recession bites in various industries, the telecommunications industry continues to grow with over 150 million subscribers and counting. Thus, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce began to drive ‘thought-versations’ since 2015 with the ICTEL Expo.

The ICTEL Expo 2017 organized which held in Lagos, Nigeria between 25-27th July 2017, was well attended by industry giants in West Africa with conversations around the digital economy strategies for growth in a connected world. Panel discussants were also drawn from technocrats and industry experts with a background in Media and Communication from distinguished establishments like the London Business School, School of Media & Communication, Pan-Atlantic University and Obafemi Awolowo University.

Participants were also privy to the latest invention trending in telecoms, AutoTopUp by Seamfix, amongst others. AutoTopUp is the only airtime TopUp service that recharges automatically without dialing any codes or manually loading any codes, yet gives you the freedom to decide a regular minimum balance as low as N50, designed for today’s business and lifestyle conscious person.


Experts and users agree that AutoTopUp is the future of airtime vending because it gives the user the power to decide, no-break in conversations, customized for the Nigerian family & business man, with the patent owned by Seamfix Nigeria. AutoTopUp combines ease, class, technology.


ICTEL 2017 featured a compendium of the best in telecoms innovators, decision makers, OEM’s, venture capitalists and the who-is-who of telecoms, gathering to network, share knowledge, inspiration, innovation, and inventions. Only greater innovations are anticipated hereafter, aligning with Seamfix value of think beyond the box, because there are no more walls.

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