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Is SmartMDM the best Mobile Device Manager for data security?

by Seamfix

Recently, data security has been a mountain most organizations find hard to climb. Cyberattackers now leverage the rise of new technologies to devise ways to feed on vulnerable or weak links in organizations’ firewalls. Despite this, businesses must progress; field workers must continue working with company mobile devices, carrying critical data out of the organization’s four walls. Hence, a smart mobile device management solution is needed to cover every loophole while the devices run in locations far away from the administrators.

One in every two IT managers will tell you that a major source of concern when releasing company devices for field work is the likelihood of losing or exposing critical data. This explains why cybersecurity is now given more prominence than before. In fact, Dataprot believes that In 2017, the global cybersecurity market was worth $120 billion and could easily double or even triple in the next five years due to an increased demand for security solutions and products.

Seeing how crucial data security is, the urge to skim through various available options of mobile device managers will always be there. However, only what has a track record of meeting needs like yours should be considered.

SmartMDM is a mobile device management solution that prioritizes keeping your devices and data as safe as possible, irrespective of how far or near they are to you. It is a cloud-based technology that offers a centralized platform for organizations to assign, identify, monitor, track, and manage all mobile devices seamlessly. And that’s why it has always stayed relevant to any organization’s needs.

As an IT manager or Technical Admin who cares for their organization’s data security, why should you consider SmartMDM the best mobile device manager for data security?

Central Device Management

Ensure every activity is compliant and no suspicious action is left unnoticed with the eagle-eyed capability of the Smart Mobile Device Management. SmartMDM enables you to watch what goes in and out of your devices from a central platform that is capable of detecting non-compliant activities that can expose your devices and data to cyber attacks. 

Identity & Access Management

Create unique user profiles, assign roles to each of them, and remotely determine every action each user can perform on their devices. Leverage the device access procedure to ensure no unauthorized user gains entrance into your device back bend.

Kiosk lockdown

Automatically restrict your devices to specific apps and features as soon as they come up to protect your data against malware that take effect upon device startup. 

Smart QR Code Installation

Remain in charge of every application that gets installed or uninstalled on your devices with the QR code installation feature. With SmartMDM, no installation of malicious apps occurs without your knowledge and no user can uninstall security apps without your permission. 

With these features and many more, SmartMDM retains autonomy as the best mobile device management solution that adequately protects your data by guiding your devices as securely as possible. 

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