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Biometrics Could Help the Gaming Industry with Cybercrime and Age Verification

by Guest


The popularity of online gaming is rapidly growing these days, especially now that biometric is involved. First of all, there are plenty of interesting games, created for literally everybody’s taste. Second, as we still can’t do many of the things we would do under regular circumstances, we kill the boredom of staying at home by playing Cluedo online

In case you still haven’t sailed into a magical world of gaming platforms, we would like to tell you that it gives you much more than the ability to play games. Okay, yes, that is the first thing. But as you are playing with/against people from all over the world, you have the chance to chat, exchange experiences, etc. Maybe, you can even meet a new friend. 

Whereas there are plenty of benefits of the online gaming industry, we need to admit that there are some potential downsides, too. For example, the issue of security is one of the things a lot of people find concerning.

A common way to protect our data online is by using passwords and PINs, right? But is it enough!? Let us tell you why we believe it isn’t. The vast majority of us have to remember many other things besides our passwords. So, in order not to forget them, we often use the same password to log into different places online. Alternatively, we create different passwords and jot them down on some piece of paper that we can’t find a few days later. These things complicate our lives, but make the work of cyber criminals seem like a piece of cake. 

After reading this, it is clear that we need some other way to protect ourselves from identity thieves and other fraudsters.  But what can we do? Fortunately, the gaming industry has come up with the idea to use biometrics as an identification tool. 


Why is Security Important for Online Gaming Industry? 

Some of you may think, “But what is the big deal with in-game theft? It is not like it creates real damage!”  it is a misconception. Of course, the problem is not related to games at all. If someone steals your tokens or something like that, it is sad, but the harm isn’t big. However, people who steal identity in popular gaming networks are not doing it for gaming assets in general. Sure, some may have fun by tricking the system to get awards, etc. But the real reason why they are doing it is to gain access to bank accounts, etc. 


How Can Biometrics Be Helpful? 

Biometrics are physical or behavioral features of humans used to identify a person more easily. Examples of biometrics are fingerprints, facial patterns, voice, etc.  Each of them is considered unique to an individual, and it is possible to use several to make sure that the identification is 100%accurate.

Since there can be only one person with a certain type of fingerprint or retina, it is safe to say that biometric check systems will be pretty hard to fool.  That is why the online gaming sector sees the adoption of this security system as a good way to prevent data and security breaches. If this system gets adopted, people will not have to memorize tens of different passwords or PIN codes. 

Not so long ago, many thought of biometrics as something that exists only in science fiction movies. But it isn’t the case anymore. In recent years this technology rapidly evolved and is used in our everyday lives.  Many interact with it without even knowing it. Hence, it is about time that the gaming and gambling websites start to use it for online casino slots or other games.

Biometrics is widely used by law enforcement, particularly the FBI and similar agencies, which use it in criminal investigations. They have used it for both offline and online crimes.

So, a biometric algorithm works by choosing specific parts of each fingerprint or retinal scan. The data is then encrypted and stored.  No matter how much you try, you can’t replicate or reconstruct again the whole image. That means that no one can in any way use your fingerprints, etc., to make any scam.



As far as the online gaming business is considered, there are some changes, too. Innovative Technology (ITL) released an API that uses biometric to perform facial recognition of the user. It can also assess the age of the person who wants to join the platform.  It is an intelligent identification system that can be compatible with most smartphone cameras and other software. It is the perfect tool for protection against identity theft. However, this is not the only reason why the gaming industry starts using it. The gaming industry statistics record an incredible increase in the number of minors who engage in online gambling.  They are spending even more time using the Internet because of the pandemic-related restrictions. However, since they are not supervised, they use times allocated for schoolwork to play video games.  The age assessment tool is thus phenomenal for preventing underage individuals from engaging in gambling and similar activities.

Besides gaming apps and websites, API will have another purpose. It can also be used by companies who want to have an option to verify the identity of people who are working from home. Of course, there is hope that we will see the end of this horrific pandemic soon. However, there is a chance some companies in the IT sector will continue having some employees working remotely. In case that happens, this will be a pretty practical solution. 



That is all about innovations regarding security in the gaming industry. Despite what some people think, the reality is that we never know the person who is interacting with us in cyberspace. And while we are there only to play games, others may have different ideas in their heads. A biometric identity verification system is an excellent way to protect both users and companies from such people. Have you ever heard about biometrics? What do you know about it?


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