How To Ensure Your Employees Comply With Attendance Policies
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How To Ensure Your Employees Comply With Attendance Policies

by Okhiaofe Ivharue

3 mins read


The operation of any organization is a well-oiled machine, with moving parts that must perform on cue, or productivity is diminished. Without adequate attendance management, it is rather easy for personnel to get away with unpunctuality and even non-attendance. Wily employees know all the tricks to circumvent lax attendance clocking systems … and oblivious to their antics, you would have your business decline, and not know why.

The big question is— How do you ensure your employees comply with set time and attendance policies of your organization?

Here’s what we propose;

An Automated, Real-time Attendance Management Software:

To ensure that your workforce complies to time and attendance policies, time-keeping software is requisite –technology that has been honed to streamline workforce-monitoring, and guarantee accuracy. With no loopholes for attendance-fraud, your employees would be compelled to comply with the set policies. The right automated attendance clocking system in place will literally do all the work, especially, generate comprehensive and errorless records at all times.

An Easy-to-use System:

Employees appreciate any simplification of their work and will quickly buy into an attendance clocking system that requires minimal input from themselves. They would appreciate a self-service system that doesn’t involve too many steps. HR on their part would be quite keen on real-time attendance management that doesn’t require extensive training, or many man-hours to execute. Workflow thusly simplified will drive productivity.

How About a Fun-to-use System:

You can offer your employees a daily routine that is not only tractable but enjoyable as well. When clocking-in to work is not a despairing experience but a fun activity like taking a selfie – getting to work on time could become something refreshing to look forward to every morning. This can make all the difference.

                                     But, does any one solution perfectly match every need?

I guess it’s time we introduced you to iClocker — A time and attendance management software built on cutting-edge technology, which allows you to do so much more. You no longer need clunky equipment, or to make hefty expenses as your employees can register their attendance by using their already existing smartphones no matter the location they are, while you get untainted real-time reports without human interference.

Take a seat, relax and let us tell you more reasons why you definitely should choose iClocker;

No room for buddy-punching –

iClocker uses a facial-recognition system to verify identities on-the-go. This means employees can never cheat the system by clocking in for each other as iClocker flags off impersonation instantly. The software goes even further by employing a smile-recognition which identifies personnel when they smile into the front cameras of their mobile devices… No, not like a selfie, it is an actual selfie.

Even better, it works on a single mobile device –

Still leaving no room for excuses, iClocker boasts of a single device feature which allows for all employees in a particular location to clock in to work on a single mobile device. Get this, a smartphone or tablet with a functional camera is all the hardware needed to get started with iClocker on a single device mode.

Location verification on-the-go –

Besides verifying identities, iClocker verifies clock in locations to ensure that staff record their attendance only in assigned locations and nowhere else. The software autonomously recognizes the exact personnel who are expected to clock-in and out from a particular location, and when, and instantly flags-off any irregularities. With this, employers can easily monitor employees in multiple remote off-site locations.

Real-time attendance reports and analytics –

iClocker, the digital HR, generates detailed attendance reports in real-time, automatically and without human interference. This means that organizations do not need to employ an extra hand for the job, and since there is no human effort needed, the data is clean and accurate. With this data, employers can easily make data-driven decisions as regards time and attendance and even payroll.

Offline clock in and out from any location –

With iClocker, no Internet-coverage is no impediment at all – simply take the selfie as before to clock in, the entry will be logged and synced with the backend as soon as a connection is restored.

Interested? You can begin today with the one mobile time and attendance solution that serves your business best. Click HERE to start a free trial.