Reflecting on 2020: How we Fared as a People and a Company
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Reflecting on 2020: How we Fared as a People and a Company

by Seamfix

First off, Happy New Year!!!


When the clock struck 12:00 AM on the 1st of January 2021, the next sound that followed was a unanimous sigh of relief that 2020 was finally behind us. In truth, 2020 was quite a year! From climate change to the pandemic to worldwide protests, the year could not have rushed by faster for most people.

The coronavirus pandemic was and still is the biggest news worldwide. The virus, popularly known as COVID-19 — although was discovered in 2019 — shook the entire world in 2020. During the early stages, the world actually seemed to stop… with the new behaviour pattern that prompted people to keep a distance from each other, restricted movements, lockdowns, and the devastating news of deaths worldwide. On a global scale, the economy wasn’t looking good and businesses were plummeting by the minute.

As if by a stroke of luck, technology came to the rescue, bringing people together virtually, encouraging remote work and online collaboration; even robots taking over from humans to do tasks that would usually require physical contact — like transporting and delivering supplies.

Here in Nigeria, the story was the same. The coronavirus hit us halfway through the first quarter of the year and thus began our struggle with the global monster. Confirmed cases saw a huge spike in the earlier year and a nationwide lockdown of almost 3 months. Like other future-forward companies worldwide, we shut the physical doors to our offices and embraced remote work. 

Even with the coronavirus on a rampage and still the biggest news in the country, there was a myriad of other events that shook the nation to its core — events like the nationwide #ENDSARS protest that had its own devastating results. In this article,  we will be highlighting how we were able to scale as Seamfix: a people and a software development company.


2020: A year like no other



As we officially commence 2021, we feel proud and blessed when we look back at the journey of 2020; a year like no other! There were challenges, cheers, and times of reflection, all of which shaped us in disruptive but necessary ways.


Here are some of our notable achievements in 2020:

Business Expansion

With growth as our watchword and a conscious refusal to allow the devastating events happening around us pull us down, we extended our business operations beyond Nigeria to Uganda, making us a multinational company — and be rest assured plans are underway to spread our branches even more in the coming years.


ISO Certifications

Still on our strive for growth, we put all the right things in place and were issued two ISO compliance certifications; ISO 27701 (privacy information management system) and ISO 27001 (information security management system). Seamfix is now the first organization in Nigeria and second in Africa to get the ISO 27701 (privacy information management system).


Awards and Recognitions

We believe that no matter how crazy things get, there is no excuse to relent on doing the best work and being the best version of you. Someone is always watching, even in the midst of a pandemic. During the course of the year, Seamfix was awarded ‘Software Development Company of the Year’ and ‘Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year’ by the Nigeria Technology Awards (NITA).

In addition, we received five recognitions from notable tech communities, ten media features, and because of dedication to knowledge development, we had over 30 published and featured articles. 


Work, Work, Work and Impact

*Before the pandemic hit Nigeria* we captured and verified over 100 million biometric identities and digitized over 700 thousand documents across diverse sectors and industries in Africa using our data capture solution BioRegistra, and transcript digitization and processing solution, iTranscript. We also delivered solutions to help eliminate ghost workers for over 13 state governments.

In fostering our commitment to people and society, we exercised our Corporate Social Responsibility and delivered on two initiatives to foster seamless learning through the provision of educational tools to students, and promoting technology innovation through hackathon challenges for students, graduates, and national youth corp members.


2021: A year of great milestones



A big milestone for us and the rest of the world this year would be the end of the coronavirus pandemic; a happier year where we can hug our families, friends and colleagues without the fear of getting infected. The vaccine is a light at the end of a tunnel that we hope would restore life for all to a reasonable balance.

Looking forward to the nearest future as a company, we envision a year of great experiences, expansion, growth, and excitement; pandemic or not. Seamfix will always prioritize value over everything else with solutions that are poised to digitally transform the way businesses serve their customers so that they can continually deliver satisfaction to end-users this year and beyond.

Besides working hard, we will surely be entering into and adopting new technologies, markets, and products. We also have been successful in riding the technology wave that has been blown at us over the past years and we completely trust that we will continue to perform our very best.

One area our clients and customers should look forward to this year is a substantial improvement in the user experience and onboarding journey of our solutions. This we will do while carrying on our trait of providing maximum value and quality commitment.


Finally, the year 2020 was indeed a unique year and like other companies and even the society at large, we all encountered challenges and concerns beyond our control. If we’ve learned one thing as Seamfix, it is this; As a company, it isn’t just about delivering our product, it is about believing in our products and services, and ensuring value creation and satisfaction relentlessly.

Cheers to an amazing 2021!!!


One last question: If 2020, were a book what do you suggest the title would be?



SeamFix Bags ‘Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year’ amongst other accolades at Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA).

by Seamfix

It was an occasion of triumph as Seamfix won 3 awards at the Nigeria Technology Award (NiTA) which took place on Saturday,  the 21st of November 2020. These awards included Most innovative Tech Company of the year, Software Development Company of the year (for the third time in a row), and Tech Entrepreneur of the year (presented to the Managing Director, Mr. Chimezie Emewulu).


Celebrating 12 Years of Innovation and Awesomeness!

by Seamfix

Wow! A decade and 2 years has been an incredible and wonderful ride, no doubt with some ups and downs.
For us, our anniversary goes beyond any kind of celebration, but a subtle reminder and true evidence of 12 years innovation,
12 years continuous existence, 12 years awesomeness, 12 years agile-problem solving, 12 years building award-winning
solutions, 12 years of making dreams come true and impacting millions of African people and businesses to achieve more
daily, now that’s a good way to celebrate!.


On this note Seamfix turned 12 years on the 19th of October and it was celebrated in Grand style for two days.

Day 1 was themed with a dress code “REPRESENT YOUR STATE” as to recognize our roots (AFRICA) of which our company was
birthed from. All Seamfixers came glamorously dressed in their traditional attires representing various tribes in Africa. Not leaving
behind our traditionally decorated red carpet where all seamfixers were paparazzied.

Why Biometric Identification is Important in Businesses Today.

by Seamfix

Biometrics has provided a more dynamic solution for business owners, who now have the ability to navigate various complications such as ID Swapping, undocumented access, and regular badge checking as well. Simply put, biometric systems are particular security systems that are integrated with human characteristics.

In most cases, these types of systems are used in business as a solution for access control and identification as well. Biometric identifiers are the unique and measurable characteristics that are used to label and describe individuals. In most cases, the biometric identifiers are often classified into behavioral and physiological characteristics. Some of them are related to the shape of the body such as face recognition, and hand geometry.


The Rise and Rise of Identity Verification Solutions.

by Seamfix

  The Internet is an anonymous space where people can hide their identities and come up with extraordinary names. With the increasing online services, identifying identities digitally is becoming crucial than ever before.  Security has become the topic of utmost interest for all businesses due to the increasing number of recent high-profile data breaches that have affected millions of consumers and organizations. Identifying individuals online is an essential component of KYC and Anti-Money Laundering regulations as well. Organizations can benefit from remaining compliant by having proper identity verification checks in place. It also increases customer confidence in the business that they are taking proper measures to protect their private data.


A Case for the Nigeria Police Force: Reformation Through Technology

by Seamfix

‘Reform the Police’ is a chant that has made headlines worldwide over the past few years, and even more this year especially in Nigeria. Reformation would first start from the internal processes within the police departments and move all the way out. In a world driven by technology, reformation would mean a transition from the old way of doing things to a more efficient, tech-driven way. This new way is sure to automate a lot of mundane tasks within the force, improve transparency, and allow for better service.

We have highlighted some reformative technologies that will do the Nigerian police force a lot of good:


Digitization Technology

Police reformation using BR

Policing in this digital age will definitely call for digitalization especially in the areas of data collection, reportage, and storage. By going digital, the Nigerian police force can convert all paper forms needed — from arrest to release— into digital forms that can be accessed on any digital device, which would ensure that everything is properly documented and transparent. With this, reporting crimes can happen a lot quicker as officers can complete paperwork from any crime scene and have them updated in real-time for processing. The file, once digital, can be easily referenced if needed; take an instance of a repeat-offender getting arrested in another location, officers in that location can easily pull out the case file and have knowledge of the offender’s previous crimes.


Centralized Digital Technology

Police reformation using BR

The beauty of a central system is in the transparency it offers. When all forms generated are uploaded to a central system, it becomes easy for the top officials in the police force to track cases and get real-time updates on activities in the station from anywhere in the world. Arrest and release forms can pass through the chain of command for approval, and even be signed digitally without any need for the officials to visit the station. 


Identity Verification Technology

police reform

When making an arrest, the need to know ‘exactly who a person is’ becomes necessary. It will be unfair for an impersonator to go scot-free after committing a crime while the impersonated gets a criminal record that might taint their reputation. Hence the need for identity verification to ensure the person to be arrested is exactly who they say they are. Using ID verification technologies, police officers can match the information provided by the suspect/criminal at the point of arrest with the information in a different database— say a national database — that can serve as a source of truth. For example, officers can match a person’s face with the image in the NIN or BVN database. This way, police officers can be sure of who has been detained (or about to be detained) in any cell nation-wide.


Case Management Technology

police reformation using BR

A case management technology will offer a robust system to digitally transform the processes of tracking, investigation, monitoring, and collation of data within the police force to allow for a more efficient and productive workflow. This system will harmonize all the information that is pertinent to a case and offer all the necessary tools for a proper follow-up. Another great benefit of this system is in its offer of analytics. This system will be able to churn data into presentable formats which can be used by the police force to analyze trends and answer questions like where and when crimes occur mostly, ensuring that every opportunity to arrest a suspect or stop a crime is maximized.


Workforce Management Technology 

Police reformation

The technology solutions in this group can play numerous roles including serving as a tool for holistic staff enumeration necessary to weed out ghost workers, like excommunicated officers or impersonators, that pad up the payroll records and receive paychecks for no work done. This technology can also serve as a payroll automation tool that will ensure that salaries are calculated effectively and go out as at when due so police officers can smile to the bank and be more motivated to do the good work. Finally, this technology can even go further to automate the processes of re-evaluation and re-training of the Nigerian police force (as is a demand for reform) which can be enforced as a requirement for deployment or reinstatement so that only certified police officers are put on duty.


Technology can do all these and even more, all aimed at reforming a willing Police Force. Certain solutions like BioRegistra are built for this purpose and come with amazing capabilities that will go even further to digitally transform the force for optimized results. With enabling features like mobile capture so that arrests can be documented on a mobile device outside the station, offline capabilities so that there are no limits to reportage, geofencing to pinpoint the exact location of an arrest, and so much more.


See how BioRegistra can foster police force reformation




Digitalization: The Future of Work

by Seamfix

 The rising interest in digitalization is explained by its daily presence and its significant impact on margin, productivity, revenue, and innovation. Furthermore, it is not only impacting companies, it affects any sector, any type of job, any function in companies. Digitalization is altering the traditional competitive landscape of companies. Indeed, it drives multiple changes including, among others, the followings:


8 Ways to Stay Calm During a Crisis.

by Seamfix

 With the recent happenings in the country, whilst still trying to manage the global pandemic COVID-19, the crisis from the recent protests against police brutality broke out, your first instinct may be to panic. Unfortunately, severe anxiety and stress can result in a complete meltdown. This response can cause long-term damage to your health and lower your ability to perform optimally.


Why Businesses need Digital Identity Verification.

by Seamfix

Do you really know your customer?

 Is the person you are speaking to who they say they are? Is their passport, driving license, or ID genuine, or is it fake? When it comes to things like new account openings or high-risk transactions, one of the most essential factors is knowing who you are dealing with. In banks, for example, a customer might turn up to show their face, alongside their ID, and appear very trustworthy, but it is still possible to get a fake identity and claim to be somebody else. Customers can do that in the physical world, but also in the digital world. Because in the digital world, you can’t physically see the person or look them in the eye. So, the point is to make it as difficult as possible for somebody to assume a fake identity. And a digital identity verification can give you the confidence that a customer is who they say they are.


How Technology is Changing Revenue Management in 2020

by Seamfix

What is a Revenue Management System (RMS)?

Essentially, a Revenue Management System is a software solution, which allows you to carry out important revenue management tasks more efficiently and effectively. It will make use of data from your organization, clients, and from the market at large, in order to help you to make more informed decisions. Revenue Management Systems are groundbreaking software helping government’s entities or organizations make an immediate impact on revenue management. It offers a complete suite of integrated applications for forecasting, revenue collection, revenue monitoring, etc. This software offers a comprehensive revenue forecasting system which enables interactive multi-year financial forecasts, historic trend, and statistical analysis. It is also an easy-to-use solution that allows the capability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring, and improving the forecast process.