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Safeguarding your business, your customers, and the digital world.

When you verify identities,

Your business is assured peace of mind in a risk-free environment; your customers are at peace, and the digital world becomes a safer place for consumers.

What we offer:

Identity Verification

Say “no more” to impersonation and identity fraud! prove that your customers are real and indeed who they say they are.

Face Match verification

Proof of ID Validation

We will enable you to know for certain that the information provided by your customers are indeed authentic and owned by them.

Validate unique identifiers (BVN, NIN)

Validate driver’s licence

Validate international passport

Validate voter’s card

Validate bank account number

Validate proof of residence

Business Verification

You should only do business with real businesses. We will empower you to weed out the fakes.

Verify RC number

Verify TIN

Verify business address

Verify taxpayer identity

AI-powered Services

Complying with KYC requirements can be a breeze when we are powering the process.

Liveness detection

ICAO picture quality validation

ID card type recognition


KYC Onboarding

Grow your business and improve your turnaround time with a platform that allows faster and safer customer onboarding.

Optimized onboarding module

On-the-go verification

Compliance checks

Choose your preferred verification channel

and begin building trust one verified identity at a time.
Web Portal

Start verifying identities online through the verification portal; no integration needed

API Integration

Choose a verification service and integrate into your system once and for all.


Select a ready-to-use Software Development Kit and create your own verification.