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Identity verification that meets all regulatory standards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to

+ What is verified used for?

Verified is a solution that allows organisations verify identities of individuals by connecting them to a large pool of data sources via API & web.

Using services

+ What services can I access?

You can access the services identified here (Please include link to documentation that shows all the services. Also see API SERVICES below;

  • BVN Full Details Service
  • BVN Validity Service
  • BVN Verification + Face match
  • Bank Account Validation Service
  • CAC Verification Service
  • FRSC + Face Match
  • Face Match Verification Service
  • Id Verification + Face match
  • International Passport
  • Intl Passport + Face Match
  • NIN + Face Match
  • Seamfix Address Verification
  • Seamfix BVN service
  • Seamfix Business Address Verification
  • Seamfix FRSC Service
  • Seamfix Full KYC Report
  • Seamfix NIN Service
  • Seamfix VIN service
  • TIN Verification Service
  • VIN Verification + Face Match

+ How do I access services on the portal?

To access any service in our live environment, you need to sign up and be approved by a seamfix admin to perform verification.

+ How do I integrate?

To integrate to any of our services, please use our API documentation here for guidance.

+ Why are the other services not available on the portal?

While we plan to include all our services on the portal, we do not have all now.

+ What happens if the service is down

We will always communicate with you once a service is down. Always feel free to contact us when this happens so we can give further details.

+ What happens if a part of my request data is incorrect?

If part of your request is incorrect, the verification will fail; if the incorrect field is mandatory for verification, your verification will fail with reason for failure.


+ How can I pay?

Verified maintains a wallet system and service usage is debited from the wallet. Wallet top up can be done via debit card or bank transfer.

+ Can I pay later ?

On verified, we currently offer a pay as you go service.

+ Can I test the service for free before making any financial commitment

No, you can’t.