Using Technology to Achieve Excellent Customer Service.
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Using Technology to Achieve Excellent Customer Service.

by Seamfix

By Adesewa Adenle & Mella Iliemene

What is customer service?

Customer service is the direct one-on-one interaction between a customer making a purchase (goods or services) and a representative of the company that is selling or assisting to resolve an issue to achieve satisfaction for the customer and great user experience.

The growth of a company is dependent on the growth of the customer base, which is largely dependent on how seamless the service rendered is. With the customer base increasing, phone calls cannot be used to track all customers individually to assist them with issues across all products and platforms, which makes the introduction of tech solution very paramount to achieving excellence in customer service.

As earlier mentioned, the quality of customer service is imperative to the success or failure of any business, hence, it is very important that all available resources, including third-generational technologies, are availed to ensure that customers’ needs and concerns that reflect disquietude are being looked into. When your company can predict a customers demand and iterate your processes in order to meet them, you should enjoy a clear competitive advantage. And who doesn’t want to be on the cutting-edge of technology, right?

Metrics and KPIs

Before going into details on the specific customer care metrics that need to be tracked, it is key to clarify the difference between metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to steer clear of uncertainty.

Metrics are represented by quantitative data we collect at different stages of the customer and the company journey, which are useful to measure behaviour.

KPIs however, are connected to targets and are set to measure performance.

In a way, KPIs are a subclassification of metrics which are connected to specific goals and linked to benchmarks for analysis. Metrics are generic measurements that can be used to make strategic decisions that influence KPIs.

Customer Service Metrics

Customer service metrics are not just some fancy numbers that fill up your monthly performance dashboards. They are key performance factors that give you a clear idea of the contribution your services department is making to the overall progress of your company.

The 7 Crucial Customer Service Metrics

  1. Customer Request Volume.
  2. Average Number of Replies per Request.
  3. Resolution Rate.
  4. First Response Time.
  5. Average Reply Time.
  6. Average Time to Resolution.
  7. Customer Satisfaction.

Technology As-A-Service Tool to Track Customer Service Metrics

Having to calculate the performance of each customer service representative manually would be so hectic, don’t you think? Which is why Technology makes this so easy to track without having to start calculating the performance of each customer service agent in alignment with the metrics.

One of the tools we use at Seamfix is With this, we can chat in real-time with customers and resolve their issues as they arise which resonates to great customer experience. We are able to monitor website activities and traffic in terms of number of visitors at a given time, page views, and daily site report. is also perfect for Geo IP tracking and shows the country and location of a visitor. In addition, has customizable widgets and in-built ticketing. One feature of we love is its flexibility when initiating/ joining a chat.

We are able to monitor the chat volume per time and day and have a detailed reporting on the time it takes each agent to end the conversation, the volume of missed chats, offline messages received, average chat duration, user satisfaction, First Response Time and the average time resolution.

Conclusively, we can all agree that technology is important and necessary to achieve excellent customer service as it will help each agent focus solely on their tasks to serve customers knowing there is a tool that can automatically measure customer churn rate and other parameters on-the-go. This then will improve productivity, lead to KPIs being achieved and overall excellence and satisfaction for both the business and the customers at large.

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