Using Your Forms With Digital Signatures
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Using Your Forms With Digital Signatures

by Seamfix

A lot of features set good and great forms apart from each other. Forms with digital signatures are one of those great ones. e-Signatures, as you will realize, further justify the decision to digitize your paper forms in the first place. Digital forms and signatures should naturally go hand-in-hand. Like our two most favorite meals.

This becomes evident when your current forms stall on being completed because of the back-and-forth with users’ signatures. One where users have to print the forms and send them back to you with their signatures. Forms with digital signatures remove all of that back-and-forth and make your business process faster than ever.

A Simple Drag and Drop Does The Trick

BioRegistra, as a “digital signature” form application, allows you to add e-signature fields to your forms while you’re building them from the start. It’s just like any other field you’re creating on your form. This even gets easier with the easy to use and responsive form builder that comes with the software. This is important because a lot of forms do not readily come with form builders with signature elements. As it is, you should make it a rule of thumb, if signatures are important for your form.


Yes, It’s Legally Binding

Here’s a definition of electronic signatures provided by Kenan L. Farrell, an Attorney-at-Law:

“An electronic signature is any legally recognized electronic means that indicates a person adopts the contents of an electronic message.”

Because this may come across as confusing, it is important to address the legitimacy of digital signatures. Forms with digital signatures are mostly as legal as your paper forms. This is also speaking for, where signatures are treated as very important, and required in two unique use cases.

First, signatures can be added as part of the required fields for the successful completion of forms. They can also be used as a requirement for when you (or your agents/staff) were responsible for filling on someone’s behalf. They will afterwards be required to sign-off on everything that has been filled, following a preview.

Sign on Mobile and Desktop Devices



Digital signature form applications should generally offer you unlimited functionality on both mobile and desktop devices. This way, your users can sign forms on both android smartphones and windows desktops. But then, this can only happen if your digital form works on both platforms.

Which Forms Need Digital Signatures?

If your business forms often require the consent of one party before they’re considered successful and legally binding, you’ll find that forms with digital signatures will offer you immense value, cutting down on time and money.

Some of the most popular forms include health care consent forms, contract forms, inspection forms, service agreements, registration forms, employee/customer onboarding forms, etc.


Forms with Digital Signatures: BioRegistra

When we talked about good and great forms differing by features, we were talking about how BioRegistra sets itself apart with features that make you completely have no need for paper forms. In this case, e-signatures.

Whatever paper forms you’re converting, BioRegistra allows you to easily collect users’ signatures on both mobile and desktop devices.

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