Use Cases: 5 industries that will benefit greatly from a Mobile Device Management System
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Use Cases: 5 industries that will benefit greatly from a Mobile Device Management System

by Okhiaofe Ivharue

3 mins read

Organizations across industries use mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets to carry out their day-to-day tasks effectively. These devices are spread across staff and stakeholders in the organization, and sometimes, in remote locations (with staff working from home) or in the field (in use by field workers and contingent staff). 

These devices cost money and sometimes hold important data, and that is why organizations need to get smarter with managing mobile registration devices to prevent the risks that come with losing them.

Mobile Device Management Systems, like SmartMDM, offer the best solution for organizations to monitor, track and secure mobile registration devices wherever they are. This system will offer benefits to organizations spread across diverse industries, like the following



Mobile devices serve as a key enabling factor for a successful data capture project like SIM registration — which is a key activity for telecoms in performing their core duties. These devices are handled by agents spread across multiple locations to capture subscribers’ data. Mobile devices for SIM registration cost money, hold sensitive data and propel the capture project. MDM will ensure that these mobile devices do not get missing or into the hands of the wrong person (agents), saving the telecom security threat that can arise from bad handling of sensitive data which could lead to compliance issues.



With the rise in digital transformation in the health industry, most healthcare organizations are moving towards digital health records also known as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) which are captured on a digital form built on a mobile device. As always, data of this nature is sensitive and should be guided. MDM will ensure that the personal health information (PHI) stored on mobile devices is secure from unauthorized access and mobile device handlers are compliant with the industry regulations as regards handling data.



Government agencies are top handlers of sensitive data as they are mandated by the law to operate and manage databases that carry important details of individuals in the nation. These agencies carry out enumerations, like census, or nationwide enrolment to get useful data to store in the database. MDM will ensure government agencies comply with even stricter data security standards and regulations by securing the devices in the field. MDM checks and balances will also ensure increased operational efficiency.


Transportation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics sector is on the fast rise as shop-from-home becomes a necessary convenience. This means more devices will be issued across multiple locations to propel the supply chain. MDM will allow transportation and logistics companies to track corporate devices; set policies and configurations remotely to protect the devices and prevent misuse of devices. 


Retail and service 

Mobile devices play a huge role in the retail and service sector to serve specific needs, like retail census or customer enumeration, or to be used as point-of-sale (POS) terminals and self-service checkouts. These devices have multiple users and management can be tricky. With MDM, management is simplified to a central platform for doing everything that ensures these devices and the data they hold are secured. 


Introducing Smart MDM

Seamfix Smart Mobile Device Management (SmartMDM) offers a centralized platform for organizations to assign, map, authenticate, identify, track, and manage all mobile devices, seamlessly, from a centralized platform.


SmartMDM will eliminate the manual tasks of managing multiple devices across diverse locations, reduce human errors, ensure work efficiency, productivity, and better security. This solution will not just protect your mobile devices, but your data and your organization’s name. Smart MDM offers a robust platform to greatly save IT costs, manage risks, and ensure you are compliant with data protection laws.


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