Time and Money: One Solution to Save You Both
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Time and Money: One Solution to Save You Both

by Seamfix

“Time is money” the saying goes which means the more time employed for work, the higher the level of productivity and profit. It is no surprise why time management is increasingly becoming a foremost point of attention for stakeholders in numerous organizations. A lot can be accomplished when people show up, and on time, hence, the need for tracking employees’ time and attendance. There are several ways of doing this, using a traditional punch cock, manual hand-written journal, paper timesheet …

…Oh that’s right we’re in the 21st century. If you still rely on the aforementioned methods of tracking employees hours, not only are you incurring unnecessary expenses, you’re also limiting the full potential of your workforce.

So, what are the alternatives to manual time cards? A time and attendance software. Equipped with that, an organization can avoid costly errors, streamline HR tasks, increase employee morale, and improve productivity.

Need more conviction? here are ten ways adopting a time and attendance software will save your business:

  1. Boost Productivity.

The productivity of personnel is the élan vital of any business. Tracking time and attendance using software to monitor work hours will bait employees to imbibe a new culture of punctuality and attendance thereby improving their daily outputs with proportion to time and thus productivity can skyrocket.

  1. Reduce Absenteeism.

With a time and attendance software, employees are given unfettered access to their attendance records, which means they can track their absenteeism level and quickly readjust.

  1. Identify and Address Potential Attendance Issues

On the surface, time away might seem like a few minutes here and there, however, when absent times add up they may qualify as an absent day, week or an unofficial work leave. With the reports generated by these solutions, employers will not only be able to track time violations but can also make informed decisions on attendance policies, which can be integrated seamlessly into the tracking software.

  1. Alleviate HR and Admin Workload

Aside from improving the flow and accuracy of data, time tracking within a software system eliminates the bottleneck of one person entering data for the entire staff. Most businesses that switch to automated software find that their administrative processes are streamlined, and the HR department is free to focus on their many other duties.

  1. Track Payroll

Pay-day to employees is like honey to bears. Human errors can easily occur when entering employee attendance manually which can end up delaying payday. Know that when it comes to payroll tracking, doing it wrong can quickly stir up a colossal catastrophe. With automated software, because exact hours are transparent to all, nonexempt employees are never over- or underpaid and employers can accurately calculate overtime pay or dock pay in no time at all.

  1. Distribute Workload Evenly

Keeping an accurate record of employee work hours also shows real-time analysis of productivity to assist employers make informed decisions on workload redistribution. Doing this right creates a sense of fairness and prevents the perception of favouritism that can negatively affect productivity. Moreover, employees’ morale can get lifted when they know their efforts are seen.

  1. To Track Remote Workers

These solutions can be used for tracking the attendance of employees that spend a portion of their work hours outside the office — like employees working from home or at an off-site location. Tracking attendance with a remote clocking feature provides accountability and a yardstick to measure employees’ performance against time spent in designated locations.

  1. Allow Prompt Handling of Time-Off Requests

Let’s face it, even the most productive employee enjoys a little time off. With a tracking software, it becomes easier to review and promptly approve or disapprove time off requests or shift swaps. Likewise, employees are relieved without the uncertainty of planning personal time away from the job or awaiting approval for an off day to deal with time-sensitive issues.

  1. Serve as Proof During Audit or a lawsuit

No one looks forward to a lawsuit, but it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. Reports generated by software tracking systems will serve as proof to support or disprove an employer/employee’s claim in case of a lawsuit.

  1. Foster a happier work environment

No discrepancies, transparency, reward of otherwise unseen efforts, ease of workload, incontestable vacation days; who wouldn’t be happy about those?

With the ‘HOW’S’ sorted out, there comes the question of ‘WHICH?’

There are literally hundreds of time and attendance software all with their unique features. So, which do you choose? To ease the decision-making process, you should bear in mind that there is more to attendance software than simply tracking hours worked. The right solution should be able to do more. For one, it should be highly flexible allowing you choose the features that work best for your company and to integrate your existing attendance policies. Some of these features include payroll integration, employee self-service options, and automated rostering software. Even better, your chosen solution should combine flexibility with ease by being mobile allowing employees clock in and out using their smartphones; It must have incorruptible module options for identification like magnetic card readers, PIN numbers or better yet biometric scanners; Geolocation feature that identifies the exact location of employees for safety and/or location monitoring; and what’s it all for if you cannot get tailored reports and data-driven insights to enable you make informed decisions?


Okay, maybe all that wasn’t enough to help you pick the juiciest from the unending tray of clones. Advice! when in doubt, go with the trendiest. And what’s the trendiest thing since the invention of smartphones … Selfies!!! iClocker is a time and attendance software that goes beyond the norm to allow employees clock in and out just by taking a selfie, smiling. It combines fun, ease and affordability without compromising on productivity and relevance, so your employees can clock in with a smile and you can smile the most at the ease of monitoring.

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