Understanding The Need for Digital Real Estate Forms
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Understanding The Need for Digital Real Estate Forms

by Seamfix

The real estate industry is a combination of many activities. From house inspections to vendor management and marketing. As a broker, realtor, administrator, or ultimately a real estate company with all of these operations in place, you find yourself needing digital real estate forms to collect data from your different end users.

Let’s take a look together at two of the many use cases for which digital forms are important to your real estate business.

Digital Real Estate Forms for Customer/Client Inquiries

Inquiry forms can be created in two scenarios; for buyers and sellers of real estate properties.


With digital real estate forms, prospects can easily get information on your current offerings. You can create a specific form for this process. Here, you’re able to include fields for basic customer information, interested real estate properties, and so on. They can also schedule visits to property locations on the spot using your digital inquiry form.


As a real estate company, you’d want to be on the lookout for fitting properties for your business. Forms can also be created for prospective sellers of real estate properties. This also helps especially when you have customers who have requested for certain properties but can’t currently find them on your listings.

The digital forms make it easier for prospective sellers to list their properties for sale since you have created fields with specific requirements for what you need.

You’d realize how much this simple digital real estate form can hasten the conversion of your prospects by making inquiries straight to the point and decisions easier to make.


Digital Real Estate Forms for Site Surveys

How do you perform audits for your collection of real estate properties? Paper forms? The need for digital forms for your inspections cannot be overemphasized. This is especially when yours is a big real estate company with lots of properties.

For this, we consider BioRegistra, our digital forms software.

How BioRegistra Eases Your Real Estate Inspections & Surveys



With a simple and responsive form builder, you can create a digital inspection form that contains all your regular parameters when performing your building audits.

Regardless of where your properties are, your inspectors are able to assess buildings using just their mobile phones. Since BioRegistra allows you to house your all your forms on mobile devices.

Then, it takes your inspection a step further by allowing you to capture building data without the internet. You would find this ultimately important if you’ve got properties in remote locations.

At the end of the day, there are several forms required by real estate companies in conducting their business, including forms for applying for loans and rents (you may want to check out our ideas for using a digital application form in this insightful article). The idea is to adopt digital real estate forms and in the process, hasten the transactions involved in buying and selling of properties.

For more on how you can centralize your forms on one single digital platform, visit here to get started.