Technology: An Antidote to Identity Theft In Today’s Changing World.
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Technology: An Antidote to Identity Theft In Today’s Changing World.

by Seamfix

As the world continually evolves, technology continues to move at a rapid pace which can be hard to keep up with at times as we are required to adapt daily to new knowledge and exciting discoveries that are constantly changing the way we live and do business.

Technology has led to a transition from the ordinary ways of establishing our identities to new ways. In turn, most people have used technology as a major factor in how they identify themselves and the people around them.

We all know that identity matters, now the big question; What really is Identity?

According to (Weick 1995), Identities are lenses through which people make sense of the world. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and the first question that pops up in your mind is, “who are you?” There is a trigger to know who this person really is and also confirm they are who they say they are. Identity goes beyond knowing your name, age, phone number, and so on. The word “identity” expands from a wide array of various elements.

Identity theft

Identity theft is the term given to a crime where someone else’s personal identifying information is used to commit fraud or make unauthorized transactions. Another one would be cases where someone’s identification details are used without any knowledge or authorization.

Here’s a story of Laura who received a call from a seemingly veritable person claiming to be her account manager. She was asked to send her account details and ATM card numbers in order for her account to be upgraded. Just within seconds, her account was cleared up, leaving no dime for her.

Stories like Laura’s can be very devastating and pretty annoying. Identity theft is happening more than ever before, with more individuals losing their personal data, proprieties and most especially their identity. There are ways, however, that you can protect yourself against these kinds of crimes.

Although most people may say that identity thieves use technology to perform their acts, the truth is that advanced technology is the ultimate cure!

How technology can help

As more and more cases of identity theft arise, so do technologies to mute these criminal acts.

Seamfix is constantly empowering organizations across Africa to transform the identity management space and even beyond with her ever-improving verification services.

As a market leader with focus on everyday identity challenges and risks that individuals face, we have provided a solution that bridges the gap on the security of identities, by providing a platform that validates identities as they come. This solution is has numerous validation services that confirm who individuals claim to be. Using an intelligent system and set of validation processes to confirm identities online and in real-time, can connect to multiple authorized sources of individuals’ information to confirm the ‘real’ identities of individuals against who they say they are.

Seamfix is making a constant effort by slowly eradicating redundant identities in Africa. Read more on our mission for Identity Management Here.



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