The lending platform you can trust

LoanPair is an online platform that connects borrowers and lenders for the sole purpose of performing Loan transactions. This platform cuts out the traditional protocols and establishes a modernize way of getting loans. The platform does not provide the funds but acts as facilitators to both the loan seeker (borrower) and loan giver (lender).

LoanPair is not your average platform, but unique, as it considers the reservations of both the borrower and lenders standpoint. Thus, it was ensured that the following features were the end goals in LoanPair;

  • Automated Payback process
  • Identity validation through our user validation process
  • Negotiation in real-time between the lender and borrower (no third party)
  • Activity analysis that monitors your activity on LoanPair
  • Instantaneous information on request dealings
  • The Pro-Lender feature

With the updated LoanPair, cooperative, groups and unions are now catered for from the point of loan request to the point of payback.

To explore this platform kindly visit the LoanPair website.

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