Transcript processing made easy.

iTranscript is a web application platform for managing online requests and processing of requested transcripts. This web application has two major components; the transcript request and verification platform.

Before the emergence of iTranscript, transcript processing in Nigeria was flawed with compromised data integrity, unstructured proceeding channels, lost-in-transit transcripts, costly administration, time-consuming and non-interactive mythologies. Now, with the emergence of iTranscript, alumni across the globe can remotely apply, pay, track and receive their transcripts in a jiffy.

This product has been used to revolutionize Transcript application and verification in University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) & Enugu Campus, and University of Calabar (UNICAL). Between 2012 and now UNN and UNICAL have recorded over 200% increase in Transcripts request and turnaround. Thanks to iTranscript.

Key Features

  • It can be used to get metrics on alumni results, degree distribution, trends of courses passed within a particular year. This is Business Intelligence in its raw form. This information can be used in making Business cases.


  • iTranscript employs a streamlined structure in achieving data digitization, vetting, storage, security, processing, and tracking.


  • The services rendered by iTranscript equip tertiary institutions with the ability to validate the requested and processed transcripts through our verification platform.

Our value proposition to the Alumni:

  • Secure database, payment, and verification process for processed transcripts
  • Faster and easier transcript procession
  • Ability of alumni to request transcript anytime anywhere
  • Highly interactive system with 24/7 support and deliver tracking

Our value proposition to the institutions:

  • Audit trail management
  • Secured database of past academic records
  • Data digitization
  • Full disaster recovery and high availability implementation
  • Robust system with easy integration to existing school portal
  • Increased transcript request and processing demand due to simplicity and ease of use. This results in increased revenue
  • Paves way for endless business intelligence analysis from the digital database
  • Increased transcript request/processing demand due to the simplicity of use, which means increased revenue.
  • Global reach, making it possible for alumni/institutions place their request/verification orders anywhere anytime
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