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FuelVoucher is an alternative means of purchasing fuel without the use of Cash, Cards, or Paper Vouchers; it completely automates and provides a management interface of the fuelling process to organizations.

This amazing service enables users remotely send electronic fuel vouchers to drivers and/or stranded employees or friends. These vouchers can then be easily redeemed at the nearest participating station.

FuelVoucher provides individuals and corporates with the ability to view detailed consumption reports online for monitoring of fuel expenses, to facilitate easier audits through fuel spend reconciliation and make projected fuel expenses as well as track savings.

FuelVoucher users sing its praise as they have seen a tremendous amount of cost savings in their organizations since they came on board the platform.

A particular organization boasts of the fact that their fuel expenses have dropped from N2 million to N450, 000 annually!

The usage of FuelVoucher is not limited to one or two cars but can be operational on a cooperate basis to manage a fleet of cars. Other interesting features customers enjoy are voucher reversals, return change, sub-account, etc.

FuelVoucher  Benefits to customers

The main objective of FuelVoucher is to give convenience to the customers fueling process, in order to allow more time in handling other priorities, and as such comes benefits;

  • Ability to manage and monitor fuel usage
  • Concise analytical statics report
  • Efficient control and budgeting

FuelVoucher Benefits to Stations

FuelVoucher provides increased sales volume to participating Stations. They are provided with an interface that gives them access to view daily transactions that have occurred at their station with summarised value added analytics.

FuelVoucher Participating Stations have decreased cash transaction at the forecourt which means they can easily run overnight without the risk associated with handling cash. This also increases loyalty from customers as they can purchase fuel without cash even at odd hours.

For stations that have more than one outlet, FuelVoucher provides increased throughput and measurement across all their outlets.

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