BioSmart KYC

Know Your Customer

BioSmart KYC Suite is an integrated, enterprise scalable, robust and highly dynamic platform for end-to-end Know Your Customer (KYC) processes which range from Capture of Customer Details, Customer Identification, Customer/user Management, Customer Detail Validation, Robust Management & Reporting. BioSmart KYC Suite is a proprietary, innovative and first-in-industry compliant tool which automates the entire KYC process for both new and existing customers.

BioSmart KYC Suite is developed primarily for businesses interfacing with large number of customers/subscribers (e.g. Banks, Telecoms, Cable Network providers, etc.)

  • Faster Customer On-boarding
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Identify each customer’s parameters
  • Business Analytics
  • Operational Excellence
  • Faster Processing

BioSmart KYC has a number of components that makes it functional. The components are:

  • BioSmart KYC Client – Devices used for the actual capture on KYC
  • BioSmart KYC Server – The backend part of KYC that handles all requests and file processing
  • BioSmart Live – A reporting tool used to carry out analysis using live data from KYC
  • BioSmart Maps – A part of KYC used to monitor and track devices in a given location
  • BioSmart KYC Manager – The administrative component of KYC used to manage users, devices and servers


Registration Use Cases: BioSmart KYC Suite has multiple registration types on the client application which includes the following: New Registration (SIM Serial), New Registration (MSISDN), Additional Registration, Biometric Update and Re-registration.

Login Mode – BioSmart KYC Suite has 2 login modes on the client application. Users can login online when connected to a network or can login offline when there is no network. These login modes are configurable. This means that the BioSmart KYC Suite admin can choose to turn either of the login modes on or off. Also, there are 2 login options available on BioSmart KYC Client. Login using Username and login using fingerprint.

Database Encryption/Decryption – Data on the BioSmart KYC client and remote servers are encrypted to enhanced security.

Dynamic Application Setting – BioSmart KYC client application settings are configured dynamically without a major code change.

Fingerprint Matching – Users are able to carry our biometric fingerprint matching on BioSmart KYC Client depending of the operation carried out.

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