BioSmart KYC

Know Your Customer

BioSmart KYC Suite is a robust, highly dynamic, fully automated and secure biometric platform for an end-to-end Know Your Customer (KYC) process that ranges from customer registration, identification, validation, and management to flexible reporting for credible decision making while conforming to regulatory standards. BioSmart KYC Suite is accessible via the web, mobile or desktop and is also available for use virtually anywhere and anytime. BioSmart KYC Suite is a proprietary, innovative and first-in-industry compliant tool which automates the entire KYC process for both new and existing customers.

BioSmart KYC is developed primarily for businesses with large customer/subscriber base such as banks, telcos, cable network providers and can also be redesigned to meet customer specific needs.

  • Faster customer onboarding with easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Fraud prevention at all levels
  • Identify new markets based on customer demographics captured during registration
  • Business analytics using robust reporting tools for better decision making
  • Operational Excellence thereby reducing operational costs
  • Faster processing and validation with a maximum of 2.5m registration processing capacities in a day
  • Enhanced data integrity through built-in automatic validation rules
  • Highly customizable to have additional features as needed

BioSmart KYC has a number of components that makes it functional. The components are:

  • BioSmart KYC Client – Devices used for the actual capture on KYC
  • BioSmart KYC Server – The backend part of KYC that handles all requests and file processing
  • BioSmart Live – A reporting tool used to carry out analysis using live data from KYC
  • BioSmart Maps – A part of KYC used to monitor and track devices in a given location
  • BioSmart KYC Manager – The administrative component of KYC used to manage users, devices and servers


Offline Registration: Register customers without network or data using BioSmart’s offline login option and synchronize to the server when network connectivity is restored.

Data Capture – Capture and validate customer’s portrait using BioSmart’s inbuilt liveliness detection engine to ensure the capture of a human face. Other data capture include customer’s fingerprint, demographics, and other identification documents.

Database Encryption and Security – Captured data at all layers are encrypted, ensuring data security at all levels. Secure user login using a token or 2-factor authentication and fingerprint validation.

Dynamism – Configure the application to suit your every biometric capture needs and no need for code change for every minor change.

Multiple Registration Usecases – There is a registration type for customer category to easier onboarding.

Robust Reporting – Decision making is faster and accurate with comprehensive scheduled and on-demand reports.

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