Security Workforce Management At the Touch of a Button
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Security Workforce Management At the Touch of a Button

by Seamfix

Do you run a contract security service? Then you must know how highly competitive the industry is. To stay on top of the game not only do you need to ensure that you hire experienced guards to be deployed as requested, you also need to supervise these distributed workforces at their various locations to ensure they are where they need to be as per request time. One second delay of a security guard to his post or even worse a guard not showing up as expected could cause serious damages. Ensuring that does not happen is quite a lot of work, so why not let a software simplify the process for you.

Meet iClocker, a flexible time and attendance solution that can help you stay in control of your distributed workforce from any location. iClocker has features that will solve the exact pain points of security guard contractors everywhere by simplifying distributed workforce management.

Here’s a look at how;

1. Mobile Solution to be carried everywhere-

Choosing a time and attendance solution that is mobile will enable you supervise your employees in multiple locations as the software goes wherever they go, that is, their smartphones. Not only is iClocker a mobile solution, iClocker also allows for multiple users on one mobile device. So you can deploy a number of security guards to a particular location and have all of them register their attendance by clocking in on one smartphone or tablet.

2. Facial recognition system to identify personnel-

iClocker boasts of a facial recognition system that makes it possible for you to be certain that the personnel you deploy to certain location are actually the ones that show up. The solution employs a smile recognition system that identifies a person when they smile into the front camera of their smartphone. iClocker takes facial recognition a step further by detecting liveliness on-the-go to ensure that the person is taking a real picture and not playing tricks.

3. Geolocation Feature to verify locations- 

iClocker equipped with a geolocation feature automatically verifies clock in locations flagging them as either right location or wrong location so you can verify that your guards are working where they say they are. Admins get instant information of all location statuses so immediate actions can be taken if required.

4. Clock in and out even without an internet connection –

“Sorry boss, I was there but I couldn’t clock in because of internet issues.” That is not going to be an excuse you would hear when using iClocker. The solution has an offline clock in feature that allows staff clock in to work even without internet connectivity. When this happens, the information is stored on the device and syncs automatically to the backend seamlessly upon internet connection without losing any data.

5. Real-time transparent reports –

In the end, it all boils down to making data-driven decisions. With iClocker, admins get reports of the exact time your deployed security guards arrive at their assigned locations and the exact time they leave. These reports come daily, weekly or monthly depending on your need and can be downloaded for further analysis. Even more, iClocker ensures compliance by automating the process of generating attendance status and punctuality records without human interference so that the records are accurate and unaltered.

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