Seamfix Takes Dubai!
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Seamfix Takes Dubai!

by Seamfix

What do you get when you mix a group of talented problem solvers and the money haven of the middle east?  A fun-tastic brain-merizing experience. Our young energetic Seamfixers took a week-long exhilarating trip to the beautiful city of Dubai for knowledge development and the type of fun that only the city of tourism can promise.

 The training took place at the top training institute in Dubai, UAE, ‘The Institute of Knowledge and Leadership.’ Our brains were filled to overflowing with a rich blend of industry-tailored knowledge and academia. After which we got our certificates, showing we are now “Certified knowledge dispensers.”

Then, of course, the fun part!!! We took a tour of the beautiful city, visiting all the fun, historic places including; Dessert safari, Burj Khalifa, Dubai museum, The old city of Dubai, Dubai Mosque, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, and more. Everywhere we went, we had our fill of the unique Arabic cuisine. 

Finally back to our country, we say a big thank you to Seamfix for this great opportunity and to the city of Dubai for having us and giving us an experience unlike any other.