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A Quest to Tackle Ghost Worker Syndrome in Oyo State

by Seamfix

Seamfix partners with a foremost audit firm, Messers. Sally Tibbot Consulting Ltd, to tackle ghost worker syndrome in Oyo State.


Today, payroll fraud perpetrated by people who appear on a company’s payroll but don’t actually work for the company, infamously called “ghost workers”, continues to drain incredible sums of money from the Nigerian civil service.

Various methods like the BVN, Treasury Single Account (TSA) and the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) have been employed to check the syndrome, out of which federal government agencies have recently rolled out related hair-raising figures, of ‘ghost workers’ identified or removed from payrolls of organisations.



To this effect, the Oyo State Governor, GOV. Seyi Makinde, made an announcement that his administration would begin the process of verifying workers that receive payment from the State. According to him, a verification exercise will be carried out to ensure that there is no fraud in the state civil service payroll system. 

This vision is to enable the state to save money and caters for the welfare of her workers and in general, people in the state. To help with this exercise, the Oyo state government has earmarked the BioRegistra solution to help verify, capture and store all her workers’ information. 


The exercise in partnership with Sally Tibbot Consulting is expected to last for 3 months, will see that all Civil workers mandatory visit the registration center to get their details, including their BVN,  captured unto the application.


The BioRegistra application, which has a mobile capture application, a Windows Desktop application, and an administrative back-end web portal, will allow the Oyo state capture agents to enrol the Civil workers’ information into the system; information like their Personal information, fingerprints, their portrait, and some supporting documents. The system will also verify their BVN information to eliminate payment frauds and will check for multiple registrations, thereby eliminating any form of “ghost workers”.