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Seamfix Provides a Robust Data Capture and Management Solution For BAT 2019 Retail Census Project

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By Kelechi Ikeh and Nonso Asadu 

The British American Tobacco conducted a Retail Census Project which focused on measuring their business growth, understanding their market distribution and getting some key business insights all over Nigeria, both rural and urban areas.

The capture exercise which lasted for three months ended with over 200,000 retail outlets captured nationwide.

Using BioRegistra, the project was a huge success as it brought about enough data for a robust marketing strategy in their industry. There is no doubt that the data gathered through the retail census offered BAT an edge to make a more decisive market decision to reposition its products over its competitors.

With the BioRegistra offline capture functionality, the BAT foot agents were able to capture outlets in rural areas with poor internet connection; this helped them meet their target with ease and at an affordable cost.

Once the retail project was concluded, BioRegista was able to provide robust analytics of the outlets captured. BAT enjoyed the benefit of conveniently capturing digital data that ensured data integrity and completeness as BioRegistra offered a secured platform with dashboard analytics for enhanced and apt measurement, evaluation, reliable data storage and export for their products.

Reliable data they say guarantees proper planning. No doubt, with the data gathered in the Retail Census, BAT has all it takes to strategically reposition its products in the marketplace.

This is a commendable plus for BioRegistra!