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by Seamfix

This is to officially announce that Seamfix Nigeria Limited has revealed a change of name to “SEAMFIX LIMITED”.

The change of name allows the company to emphasize on her wide-ranging objectives, reflect her future strategies and near-term roadmap.

Mr. Chimezie Emewulu, Managing Director of Seamfix ltd, expresses his excitement about this change “I am thrilled about this as it is a strategic push towards creating a foundation for more new opportunities and evolving in business.

Our new name will reflect a firm commitment for our company to continue delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enable our clients and customers to meet their needs, daily.

Over the years, we have grown into a market leader expanding beyond
Nigeria into other emerging economies in Africa and beyond. The change
of name helps us represent this and also amplify the new global mission that we intend to achieve.

At Seamfix Limited, we are keen on customer satisfaction and this change does not in any way affect her clients and customers, as her main goal still remains to build customer-centric solutions that play a key role in enabling millions of individuals to meet the growing global demand for identity management
and data digitization.

In line with this, we will be revamping slightly to represent this new position in the coming weeks. This change takes effect immediately, however, not to worry as Seamfix Nigeria limited now Seamfix limited will ensure same unwavering support and services as always during this period.