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Seamfix Executives Named TechPoint Founders of the Month

by Seamfix


Seamfix Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu, and Executive Director, Chibuzor Onwurah, have just been named founders of the month by TechPoint. This announcement was made on TechPoint’s twitter handle on the morning of Monday, September 18, 2017.

In an accompanying interview with TechPoint, the two founders talked about how they met, their struggles and their motivations for success.

“Our first true encounter happened to be at a centre close to, but not quite affiliated with, the school — the Uhere Study Centre — where we were both taking extra computer classes. I think we actually got close after we received our first assignment for the holidays,” Chibuzor said.

When asked about the time they conceived Seamfix, Chimezie said, “Actually, the idea for Seamfix came while we were in NYSC camp — we both served in Lagos. The boring routine of camp served as a period of reflection for us. After camp, we happened to be posted to the same Eti-Osa local government, albeit different places of assignment. We only started building Seamfix towards the end of our service year.”

And it was difficult for them to get funding to start up. With some other partners who later left to pursue other dreams, they raised N75,000 (about $500 at the time) to found Seamfix. “Our office was the sitting room in our collective flat, with the dining table as a makeshift desk,” said Chimezie. From the interview, one gets the sense that what was driving them was the passion and vision to build platforms that enable businesses and individuals thrive.

Even at times when hawking honey became the option for survival, these two men did not give up. “This could have worked out either way but we were fortunate that some people were willing to take a bet on us. And somehow, we just managed to deliver on our jobs so excellently. I think it’s because we were hungry; we needed money to eat and pay off debts. I didn’t mention earlier that when we started, we had to borrow laptops from a supplier. One time, our ‘I better pass my neighbour generator’ fried our power packs; so we had to borrow new power packs too. It took us a year to pay off the entire laptop debt.”

Chibuzor dropped some advice for upcoming entrepreneurs. “If you have an opportunity for synergy, grab it. Figure out your vision and what value you want to add to the market, then have the tenacity and the patience to grind it out.”

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