Seamfix KYC Summit
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Seamfix KYC Summit

by Seamfix

Seamfix greetings!

Accolades!!! We successfully held the first ever KYC Summit in Nigeria on Wednesday 6th June, 2018, at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel , Victoria Island.

The stakeholders event had in attendance Sim Registration & Activation Agency (SRAA) Heads, gentlemen of the press, Seamfix management and the business team.

The goal of the Summit was to gather practitioners in the KYC space and enlighten them on new KYC opportunities outside the telecommunications sphere they are already accustomed to, while leveraging on Seamfix software solutions and hardware they already own. Hence the theme: New Business Opportunities with KYC Registrations in Emerging Economies.

Our objectives for the Summit were;

  • To network telco registration agents across in Nigeria, being potential leads for Seamfix’s BioRegistra
  • To share insights and business growth opportunities within the registration space
  • Gather insights on current field challenges for further research and product development
  • To onboard the Seamfix KYC stack to participants for their business development and collaboration with Seamfix

Did we meet our objective? Yes!


KYC ecosystem was birthed in that room and commitments made. KYC opportunities are opening up daily and any organisation can leverage this using their devices and SEAMFIX solutions.

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