Seamfix Dishes Out Food for Thought on Ethical Work Standards
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Seamfix Dishes Out Food for Thought on Ethical Work Standards

by Seamfix

Every organization, irrespective of the industry, has certain guidelines which its employees must adhere to; these guidelines are the company’s Ethical Standards. In a company and on the part of the employees, Ethical Standards can be in terms of Integrity and valued relationships with both clients and business partners. Maintaining ethical standards in the workplace entails setting expectations, providing proper guidance and consistently doing the right thing.

At Seamfix, we understand the importance of setting standards and consistently doing what is expected of us as a company. With these in mind, a workshop themed ‘Ethical Standards in the Workplace’ was held by Seamfix iTranscript office on Friday, 24th of March 2017 at ICT Access Bank building, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The Chairman of the event, Dr. Olisa Okeke (Director of ICT UNN) pointed out the reasons why ethical standards should be upheld by employees of a company.

iTranscript is one of the services offered by Seamfix, it is the complete automation of the processes for transcript requests, result digitization and transcript processing in higher institutions.

The keynote address was delivered by the UNN Deputy Registrar – Mrs. Okonkwo on ‘Integrity and Accountability’. She noted the need for employees to be accountable first to themselves and to the company. She went ahead to share real life situations where integrity has won praise and recommendation to people on the job and after the job.

Papers delivered at the workshop include File Handling and Management by Mr. Clement Nwibo, Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace by Mrs. Ndidi Onuigbo, Challenges in File Validation by Ms. Akunna Onyema and Time Management by Mrs. Susan Onah. All four resource persons are of the Records unit, Office of the Registrar, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Other resource persons at the event include Mr. Chuma Mgboji who spoke on Work Ethics and Culture and Mr. Joe Aneke who spoke on Theory of Constraint. Both resource persons are of the ICT/Innovation unit of the university.

In addition to the key values Seamfix staff operate on, further light was thrown on other qualities like the integrity of a staff, realistic goal settings (while checkmating achievements daily), time management and development of healthy work relationships (not just between the employer and employee but also amongst the employees themselves).