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Seamfix at the InterSwitch Connect Conference

by Seamfix


September 14 and 15 2017 will be forever remembered in the Nigerian Tech and FinTech space as the day technology experts and enthusiasts gathered to decide and shape the fate of the technology industry in a conference/exhibition tagged “Interswitch Connect”.

As early as 8am, an enthusiastic crowd had already gathered at the Landmark Event Centre in Victoria Island, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Executives and all kinds of business people, clad in formal attire, gathered in the Foyer of Landmark in groups of two and threes, whispering, exchanging pleasantries and sharing ideas over breakfast.

Seamfix was in full attendance from the very beginning. A booth by the right end of the Foyer where all Seamfix products were on display and ready for demo provided the right atmosphere for interaction between Seamfix and clients of the company as well as prospective clients. Later, the Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu, stamped the presence of the organization in the event when he was called to join a panel discussion and he made some very insightful contributions.


Seamfix at the InterSwitch Connect Conference


The Welcome Address was by the Interswitch MD, Mitchell Elegbe. How do we innovate and evolve? Is every innovation value-adding or destroying? What is the right way to innovate in Africa? These questions were raised in his Welcome Address, after which Brett King (also known as the King of Disruption) talked about the possibilities for innovation in Africa in a Keynote Speech.

We will all be wearing Smart Glasses in the next ten years, Brett King said, and he went further to talk about how automation has changed and will continue to change how humans work, live and navigate the world.

The Keynote Speech was enough context for the panel discussions that ensued later that day and on Day 2 of the Conference. The focus was on innovation in different sectors: Financial Services, Trade, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Experience, etc.

The Panel Discussion which the Managing Director of Seamfix participated in was themed, Managing Talents in the Tech and Fintech Business, and the task of panelists, it seemed, was to dismantle the greatest talent challenge facing the Tech and Fintech business and practical solutions to surmount this challenge. Besides Mr. Emewulu, the panel comprised other guests like Ayodeji Ajibola, J. Alababa, Omomene Odike and Timitope Ologunoye.


Seamfix at the InterSwitch Connect Conference -


When asked what the greatest challenge of talent in the tech industry is, Mr. Emewulu pointed at talent retention and went on to discuss ways talents can be better engaged and retained, drawing from practical cases at Seamfix. Conversations on talents in the tech space affirmed that a new breed of talents (millennials) have invaded the workplace, and managing them will require a clear understanding of what makes them who and what they are.

During the Lunch break, participants stretched their legs over small chops and drinks and general conversations and exchanging ideas. Some others used the opportunity to visit booths, one of which was the Seamfix booth where the Seamfix Business Development team engaged participants and explained the innovative products of Seamfix (AutoTopUp, BioRegistra, BioSmart,, FuelVoucher, iTranscript, LoanPair).


Seamfix at the InterSwitch Connect Conference


By the end of Interswitch Connect Day 2, participants were smiling and perhaps grateful to have been part of the conversations on defining innovations that have the capacity to impact heavily on the Continent. One thing stood out from all the conversations: technological innovations have come to stay and will have even more impact on the way human beings experience the world.