Why Digital Application Forms Matter To Businesses
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Why Digital Application Forms Matter To Businesses

by Seamfix

A lot of companies often provide services that require client application as a way of showing interest in the company’s offerings. Now, these offerings could range from job opportunities for new employees to applications for volunteers in non-governmental organizations. The possibilities are endless. And while the need for forms is quite clear, what is becoming clearer by the day, is the higher need for responsive digital application forms

Here’s why:

It’s an age of fast business decision making


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A bulk of organizations these days are fast-paced. Decisions are the backbone of this. For instance, the HR in an organization will naturally want to conclude it’s hiring process as fast as possible. Especially when it’s an urgent position. It is therefore not enough to just put out ads calling for new positions. It is better when the means of applying is spontaneous. That is, using responsive digital application forms.

As a result, it is only helpful to have an application form that has been designed by such HR personnel. A form with all the things they want from a particular candidate. This, in turn, cuts down on the time spent by prospects applying for a role, as well as the time spent by HR personnel in sorting this information.

The same goes for other aspects of business processes that require applications by end users. Using digital application forms speeds up the whole process.

Consent is easier. And quicker with responsive digital application forms



If your application form double as consent forms, where users have to show consent to your services while applying for them, digital forms will save you a lot of stress and time. Take health patients for instance, who in most circumstances require the agreement of a next of kin. Also take for instance that there is an emergency and the next of kin isn’t available to co-consent. Digital application forms become more important than ever because by simply sharing the link to your application with them, the concerned party can sign-off on the form immediately and send them back to you.

In another use case, we covered how leasing companies can enhance consent when customers apply for leasing opportunities. You can read about that here.

Only The Right Questions

Here, we consider the perspective of membership application forms. Many businesses in this category have realized that asking only the relevant questions can go a long way in, for example, increasing the number of members that join your organization over a period of time. This is what digital application forms do for you. They take away redundancy by helping you add only fields that are important and not ones that users will consider time-wasting if they engage with your forms.

Even if you have a lot of questions to ask, digital forms give room for you to brand in a way that boosts the user experience of your prospects. This way they don’t get chased away, as compared to long boring paper forms.

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