Woohoo, Latest Updates!

They say; nothing worth having comes easy,  but what do you say when a time and attendance software WORTH HAVING comes with new updates that make user experience super EASY?

We say “Problem Solved!”

iClocker the time and attendance software like no other is rolling out some new features and fixes to further simplify the app, giving its users the smooth sailing experience futuristic apps promise.

Check them out:

  1. Android and Web Portal Google Sign-In Feature:
    Now users can sign in to their accounts or sign up for a new account using their Google account. That’s sign in/up with just a click of a button.
  2. Updated Sequence for Super Easy User Onboarding:
    Users will love us even more for this. Now after  ‘Creating a Company’ on the web portal, you are automatically redirected to the next step which is to ‘Add a location’. Getting your company started on iClocker is as easy as making a pie (we hope we nailed it with the perfect simile).
  3. New Attendance Report Feature:
    Hey iClocker admins, now your employees’ real-time attendance reports will include their clock-in addresses, so you can know exactly where they clocked in to work and at what time.  No one can escape your sight now.
  4. Fix for Wrong Location Clock-in :
    Clock in to work in your assigned location showing off your awesome smile and just like that, all other ‘wrong location’ clock in for that day will be overridden. Now you see them, now you don’t.
  5. New pricing:
    Guess what, our pricing is now updated to particularly suit your preferred package. You’re welcome.

Know that iClocker has the potential to improve workplace performance and ultimately help your organization manage employees better by adopting a time and attendance solution that is flexible, contemporary, and leaves no room for excuses. Get started with iClocker FREE.

Keep smiling!

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