Permanent Voter’s Card Registration
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Permanent Voter’s Card Registration

by Seamfix

A lot of processes in the country now require that citizens tender valid means of identification, many of which leave certain people with problems when they are unable to do so. While there are a lot of acceptable means of ID, two really stand out – the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and the National Identification Number (NIN).

Below is a breakdown of how you can register for the Permanent Voters’ Card (which should be as soon as possible).

How To Register for Permanent Voters’ Card

Step 1: Visit the INEC approved registration centre nearest to your place of residence. This should be the same location you intend to vote come election day.

Here’s a list of registration centres in Lagos

Step 2: Here, your biometric information will be captured using the Direct Data Capture device. You will be asked to meet an Assistant Registration Officer who would capture your details into the DDC device. Your photographs will be taken, and thumbprint would be saved on the system.

Step 3: In the case of uncertainties, you may however be asked to present documents that could include any of the following: Birth or Baptismal Certificate, National Passport, Identity Card or Driver’s License. Once your identity has been ascertained, you will then be issued a Temporary Voters Card (TVC).

Step 4: The TVC will be replaced by a Permanent Voters Card (PVC) at a later date. Before then, there will be a week dedicated to hearing Claims and Objections. The PVCs, after registration in one quarter, are usually ready by the end of the 3rd quarter.


Here’s all the info you need to obtain your PVC. Save Nigeria, register today!

Do you have any other questions or challenges with respect to your PVC?