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Do Much More With Personal NIN from!

by Seamfix

I remember the 1993 Nigerian elections like it was yesterday.

People stood at the polling centres for hours in an orderly manner with their expectations for a free and fair election sky high.

This was going to be a defining moment in the Nation’s history, a new Nigeria was going to emerge as MKO Abiola was the national favourite – a trusted man primed to take the country to new heights.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as we expect them to. And since then, due to the outcome of that election, personal and countrywide interest in elections has dwindled.

Citizens don’t think their votes count due to rigging and a duopoly of power in the hands of Nigeria’s most prominent parties.

But it could possibly turn around in the coming elections.

And because of that, Nigerians have become ever more passionate about getting their PVCs (Personal Voters’ card) which allows a citizen of the country from 18 and above to engage their national rights and vote for their preferred candidate.


The NIN as a Nationwide Tool for Change.


To get a PVC, you would need a valid means of identification such as a Driver’s license, International Passport or a national identity number (NIN) which is a unique record formally recognized as the undisputed means of identity in Nigeria.

Issued and Licensed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), The NIN is used for all transactions requiring identity verification.  From travel (international passport application & acquisition), opening personal bank accounts, getting your driver’s license, obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card, payment of your taxes and much more.

Over 80.7 million Nigerians have been enrolled nationwide on Nigeria’s national identity database as of April 23, 2022(Including me).

So imagine my surprise at the local government office when I was turned back during the registration process for my permanent voter’s card.

After waiting for over 3 hours, it turns out that my details (Full name and Date of Birth) on my NIN were not aligned with the official details on NIMC’s database. 

“Oga your NIN no correct – go check am come back!”

“What do you mean? After almost 2 hours?”

I was distraught. And I had to go back to the NIMC centre to properly validate my details.

It turns out that this can happen on multiple occasions where your NIN is required, from a visa application to a driver’s license application.

So it’s super important to make sure that your NIN is indeed the accredited one and also that your personal details such as “Name” and “Date of Birth” are correctly aligned with the official database.

How do you do this?


Introducing the Personal NIN service for Total Security

Personal NIN service

The entire team is super excited to inform you that we have launched a problem solver in the identity management space – the all-new personal NIN service.

Triggered by my ordeal and our learnings from the past 2 years working across the industry, we built a platform that enables any Nigerian, anywhere in the world to confirm the validity of their NIN and personal details straight from the comfort of their phone or PC. 

And for as little as N100!

With Personal NIN, you can say goodbye to disappointing queue sessions and be confident about your NIN before leaving your house.

So how does it work?

Here is what it looks like in 3 easy steps:


Personal NIN service


  1. Visit the Portal and select your verification type
  2. Input your details
  3. Get your results immediately

Now, you can be certain your identity record tallies with the national database; it’s that easy, it’s that seamless, and it’s that accurate!


The National elections are approaching faster, your travel plans are also waiting on you!

Why not make sure your identity data is valid so you never have to worry about processing your visa or getting a PVC?

With N100 – you can verify your NIN details using Verified Africa, the continent’s most trusted digital verification platform.

Be Part of a New Nigeria.

Visit the portal today to feel more secure in your national identity!