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Infographic: 6 Core Reasons To Implement A Windows/Android Device Management Solution In Your School

by Seamfix

Do you still remember when the use of mobile devices was never to be heard within the school premises? In fact, students faced some serious panels because they violated this rule… fast forward to recent years, where mobile devices now take a serious place in the list of teaching aids. 

All thanks to technology, mobile devices have now proven to be beneficial in the hands of students. However, if the line is not drawn, these same teaching aids could become sources of distractions to students. 

Why should you take charge of their learning devices?

6 Reasons why you should implement a Windows/Android device management solution in your school

Infographic: 6 Core Reasons To Implement A Windows/Android Device Management Solution In Your School

Distraction-Free Learning Environment

By managing your students’ mobile devices during class sessions, you can help them maintain their focus by restricting their devices from accessing distracting websites or activities and limiting them to only performing activities that relate to the current study.

Restrict Inappropriate Online Contents

With a mobile device manager, you have the autonomy to decide which apps and web pages can be visited with the students’ devices; therefore, you can control how much content is available to them through the devices. Also, you can recommend educational websites with unlimited learning resources to them via these devices.

Encourage Remote Learning

With an MDM, you can easily take learning out of the classroom; wherever your students are, you can interact remotely with them, and rest assured that they are becoming more productive, as long as you can easily coordinate the activities they perform during your online sessions even from afar.

Better Classroom Communication

A mobile device management solution can help you achieve easy two-way communication (from the tutor to the students). That is, you don’t have to wait until you see your students physically before you pass information to them- an MDM helps you connect their devices to yours without stress.

More Interactive Learning Experience

Connecting all your students’ devices to yours during classes can allow you to share learning materials as media content (tutorial videos, charts, tables, and more). The more interactive the learning experience is, the more information retention your students gain.

Easy Device Troubleshooting

With an MDM, learning doesn’t have to stop when a student’s device encounters an issue. You can remotely identify the problematic device, discover the issue, and troubleshoot it from your end.

Learning is meant to be fun, introducing mobile devices can make it more fun and make learning easier; implement a mobile device manager into your learning system today and see a turn-around in their overall performance and discipline while using the internet.