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The telecommunications industry is at the epicenter of technological transformation and we are all set to power this. We innovate and provide technologies that digitally transform legacy systems and automate customer-facing processes so you can boost your competitive advantage and address the industry’s growing needs.

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    What we offer;

    SIM registration perfected!

    Go digital with SIM registration and eliminate the constraints and errors of biometric validation. Onboard regulatory compliant identities, manage agents, track devices and kits used across the biometric project, and prevent frauds like SIM swap scam.

    Seamless KYC onboarding with utmost compliance!

    We partner with local regulatory bodies to deliver innovations that enable forward-looking organizations with a focus on identity management to carry out regulatory-compliant biometric enrolment across Africa.

    Change the airtime and data recharge game

    We harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and came up with an innovative way for telecom subscribers to buy airtime and data without moving a muscle. Think of it as the ‘Hey Siri’ of airtime and data recharge.

      Tell us how we can help you.

      Empowering organizations to meet their goals through digital transformation!