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We make a digital transformation for banks a breeze!

Traditional banks can only do so much, but digital banks can do it all. We will empower your bank to completely digitize all customer-facing processes and touchpoints to allow for ease of service inside and outside the bank, improve customer acquisition and retention, and ultimately boost your revenue stream.

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    What we offer;

    Paperless account opening in the field

    Meet unbanked individuals anywhere “on the streets” and convert them to fully banked customers of tier one, two, and three accounts without them needing to go back into the banking hall.

    Agency banking for financial inclusion

    Expand your retail operations and be at the forefront of achieving financial inclusion with our robust agency banking solution that empowers agents to offer high-quality micro and macro banking services outside the bank.

    BVN/NIN enrollment and verification on-the-go

    As certified by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), we empower bank agents/marketers to enroll, validate, and link BVN for customers and potentials, anywhere within 24 hours.

    Seamless loan application, anywhere

    Automate the loan application request process for a faster and smoother experience even outside the banking hall. From data collection to verification to authentication, offer your customers the flexibility of on-the-spot services.

      Tell us how we can help you.

      Empowering organizations to meet their goals through digital transformation!