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Here are the 4 major problems telecommunications companies face during SIM registration operations and the best – sourced solutions we found out.

SIM registration offers itself as a key activity for telecom companies in performing their core duties, which also leads to customer acquisition and adds to their bottom line. However, this activity comes with its own brand of complexities and problems, some of which pose risks to the overall growth of these companies.

Insufficient knowledge of agents operations in the field which can lead to

• Low productivity and performance

• Inability to curb fraudulent activities on time

• Agents misconduct which can be a threat risk

• Loss of funds to agents’ wrong conducts

Constant loss of registration devices & kits by agents in the field which can lead to

• Loss of sensitive data to possible fraudsters

• Fund depletion to cost of new device purchase

• Compliance issues due to poor data handling

• Loss of license as punishment for defaulting

Poor data quality and inconclusive data capture which can lead to

• Violation of regulatory rules and standards

• License suspension or loss due to violation

• Security threat exposure due to spoof

• Useless data storage

Disorganized incentive management and disbursement which can lead to

• Frustrated agents and dealers

• Low productivity of agents in the field

• Lack of interest on agent’s part to upsell offerings

• Reduced customer acquisition

What are the solutions to all these problems?

As seasoned experts in the telecommunications field, we have found the best – sourced solutions to all of these problems and will like to share them with you.

The Best – Sourced Solutions to each of these problems

We have done our research on these major problems telecommunications companies face during SIM registration operations and have put together tailored use case documents to further elaborate on these real-life situations faced by real-life companies and the solutions they applied that worked for them.

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