Banks, You Can Now Take Your BVN Enrollment and Verification To The Streets

Imagine this…

Your bank agent, equipped with an android tablet and 442 scanner, meets an individual on the street, maybe an unbanked,  opens an account for the individual using a bank digitization tool, and doesn’t just stop there but generates BVN right on the spot making such an individual an active customer of your bank …

Or, a banked individual, maybe a customer of your bank, who needs to validate BVN and link to other bank accounts but doesn’t have the time to go to the bank – your agent meets such an individual’s needs there and then only using a tablet and 442 scanner …

Two scenarios, similar results. You have met customer’s needs outside your banking hall and this, in turn, will add to your bottom line, encourage customer loyalty, and set your bank apart.

So How?

BioRegistraA digital tool certified by NIBSS that allows banks generate BVN wherever and verify at the point of being captured. It allows for documents to be scanned in-app to collect acceptable means of identification from customers as prescribed for enrollment. This means that outside the banking hall your agents can;

– Enroll BVN  on-the-go. Equipped with BioRegistra on any android or windows phone and 442 scanners, agents can enroll customers by capturing all ten (10) fingers and facial image. Within 24 hours, the system confirms application and sends information to your bank’s back-end system to generate a BVN which will be linked to every account the customer has in ALL Nigerian Banks. This further simplifies the process of opening a tier 2 or 3 accounts in the field.

Verify BVN instantly to flag-off identity theft. During the point of capture, the system validates individuals and if it detects that such individual has been blacklisted by ANY Nigerian bank, banks are prompted immediately while the customer is in front of the agent. 

Moreover, on-the-go BVN simplifies and authenticates banking processes to fit the need of customers without having them necessarily stepping into the bank. Customers can walk up to agents on the street and update bank information, apply for ATM renewal, loans etc. using their biometric features which will be matched against information in the central database. This standardizes efficiency of banking operations, so customers do not have to stand in queues at the banks and staff are not overwhelmed.

Now that’s banking that fits perfectly into your customers’ everyday lives.

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