IDT Podcasts: Hide and Seek (Eps 1)
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IDT Podcasts: Hide and Seek (Eps 1)

by Seamfix

“A prescribed dose of intrigue and thrill in these trying times.”

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Welcome, dearly beloved to the first episode of the Identity and Tech Podcast (IDT PODCAST) brought to you by Seamfix. Before we are transported to the island of information and honey — that is the podcast we have for you today — we will like to give a brief introduction into the premise of the IDT Podcast.

Brief Introduction

As workforces around the world go remote and virtual due to the enforced lockdowns owing to COVID-19, the issue of data protection and a search for the right technology for the right job are becoming larger considerations for businesses and individuals alike.

In a bid to educate our audience and calm the seas of worry around identity and data, we introduced a series of podcasts that would serve as a treasure chest of sort-after industry knowledge. Each episode will feature identity management experts and tech professionals in Africa who will delve into conversations on what is currently happening in the industry and what is next — including the importance of technology, identity and data management and what future-centric organizations should be thinking about. We are also open to learning about people’s journeys particularly in the tech space and will share these insightful and intentional conversations with our audience with hopes that you will be impacted positively.

Whether you are a seasoned tech pro or a dilettante, these podcasts will give you pointers on how to leverage technology to be a fun and accessible tool useful in all aspects of life and also help you achieve your career goals with technology. And smeared all over the information and whatnots will be loads of enthusiasm, wit, and humour.

Episode 1 — Hide and Seek

Our very first episode deals with the biggest topic in the world right now, CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19).

Hosted by our Marketing Strategist, Kosisochukwu Ofodile, our audience are in for a treat to learn about —

  • The usefulness of technology in this period of social distancing and thus its impact in flattening the curve;
  • How people are coping with the news headlines and media anxiety;
  • And finally, tips and tricks for remote working amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can listen to this colourful and insightful podcast by clicking on a link of choice below;

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On Tune in

This is only the beginning. We promise you loads of exciting podcasts that will keep you informed and intrigued during this period and even beyond. Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe.