Clock In Everyday With A Smile

Make time and attendance more productive and fun for your organization with iClocker

About iClocker

iClocker is an innovative clock-in software for contemporary businesses to track employees in any location. The app uses facial recognition and Geo-Fencing technology to confirm that the user is who and where they say they are by taking selfies during clock-in.

Smile Recognition

iClocker is equipped with face verification, using smiles as means of identification. Employees sign in to work with only a selfie.


iClocker employs a GPS service that allows approved employees to clock in only at the locations chosen by the Admin.


Get real-time reports of clock-in time and location of employees anytime.


The iClocker app works on smartphone devices, with employees using the front camera to take pictures.

How It Works

Create Account & Company Profile 

Create an account for your company using your corporate email and provide details of your organization.

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Create & Assign Clock-in Location

With iClocker’s simple system, easily set up clock-in locations, clock-in time and assign employees to these locations.

Clock In From Assigned Location

Employees register their arrival daily at assigned locations by taking snapshots of themselves smiling.

Track your Attendance Report

Using iClocker’s report system, easily track employee attendance. Filter to suit your type of report and download with the simple click of a button .

A little smile, a better state of mind

Improve work performance when your employees clock in to work with style

Available on Android

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  • Do I need to smile before clock-in?

    Yes. And that is all you need to clock in

  • Do I have to wait for my Admin’s invitation to join an organization?

    No. You can request to join your organization via the mobile app

  • How close do I have to be to my location to clock in?

    Your organization’s admin determines where you must clock in, as well as the radius of clock-in

  • On what devices can I clock-in?

    iClocker works on all android devices from Android 5.1 OS and above