App/User Setup

  • What devices currently support iClocker?

    iClocker is currently available on Android and iOS devices.

  • What version of android can download iClocker?

    iClocker is available on Android 4.4 version upwards

  • Can I change my initially enrolled image?

    Yes, you can. If you are unable to clock-in because of facial recognition issues, you can re-enroll a new image for your profile.

  • As a new user, what am I expected to do after I receive an invitation from an admin?

    After you receive an invitation to join a company, you will be required to install the app and sign up.

Admin Setup

  • How can I invite my employees to join iClocker?

    You can invite your employees after you have successfully created an account by one of the three steps below:

    • During location creation, invite employees to join chosen location via email

    • On the sidebar, click on “employees” and invite new users by clicking the “invite New Employee” button and enter employee email

    •  A unique company code is generated for you and is displayed on your sidebar. Send this code to your employees, who will be prompted to join a company immediately after they download the app. Employees are expected to enter a unique company code after signing up and become active members of your organization 

  • How can I export my reports from iClocker?

    On any of your reports pages, simply click the “Download button” and export your report in either PDF or Excel formats.

  • After the trial is over, how do I subscribe?

    Please click here for details on subscription and pricing

Clock in and Clock out

  • Do I need to have internet on my phone to clock-in & out?

    A user can begin to clock-in without an internet or data after the first clock-in is successfully done with internet connection.
    The offline clock in and clock out locations is synced to the Admin portal once the user connects back to an internet

  • How do i know I am in the accurate clock in location

    To  ensure that you are in the accurate clock in location, before you clock in, ensure that the signal beside your address is green.

Location Setup

  • What is a radius?

    This is the allowable distance in metres from your main location within which an employee can clock-in successfully

  • How can I increase/decrease my radius?

    After you have created a location and entered your address, right under the map which guides your location accuracy, there is an action button called radius which can be expanded and reduced as desired.

  • How can I set my resumption time?

    After you have created a location and entered your address, clock-in and clock-out times can be set for your location. When setting your time, please bear in mind that iClocker time setup is 24-hour format.

  • How can people with android devices access iClocker?

    The app is available on the google play store here

  • Can I set a grace period?

    Yes, you can set your grace period right after setting your clock-in time for the location.

  • How can I set my location?

    To create different locations for your company, please click ‘add new location’ on the Dashboard.

    Locations can be set in 3 different ways;

    1. Specific location; ie when you have an exact address you want employees to clock in from. For example; The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, US


    1. Anywhere in a city; ie when you don’t have permanent or long-term designated areas of work but you still need to verify where and when staff are resuming in a certain city or state.


    1. Anywhere in a country; ie when you don’t have permanent or long-term designated areas of work but you still need to verify where and when staff are resuming in a certain country

  • How can an employee verify a clock-in location?

    The employee receives an email inviting him to join a company and install the iClocker app. After installation, a notification is displayed on the app of the selected employee asking him if he is at the expected clock-in location


  • How the free trial works?

    In first 14 days you have got free access to iClocker

    • No credit card required and you won’t be charged at the end of trial.

    • All the data you add to the system will remain after turning on the paid subscription.

    • You can cancel the trial at any time

  • What payment options do you accept?

    iClocker provides several payment methods:

    • Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa)

    • Bank wire transfer

  • Will my monthly/annual plan be renewed automatically?

    Yes, your subscription will automatically be renewed even when you change your plan, unless you deactivate the auto-renew function.

  • Is it possible to change my plan after starting the subscription?

    You can upgrade or downgrade the subscription at any time. In case of upgrading the subscription you will be charged only for the difference between pricing plans prorated to the end of your current payment period.

  • Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

    Absolutely not, contract depends on the subscription period. You can simply pay on a monthly, or yearly basis. You can cancel your account and take your data with you at any time without penalty. If you cancel in the middle of the subscription period, then the access to your account will be automatically disabled on the last day of paid license, but we do not provide any charge back or refund.

  • Is support included in my free trial?

    Yes, our customer success team will answer all your questions to ensure you derive the maximum value iClocker provides.

  • Does the pricing include VAT?

    Prices on iClocker website are provided without VAT. You need to pay the VAT in your country. In case of Nigerian companies, we will add VAT on the invoice.

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