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How to Easily Manage Mobile Data Usage on Your Android Work Devices

by Seamfix

“Data is life,” they say, but everyone agrees that life is given for free, but mobile data isn’t. 

Since various industries have tasted remote work, quite a number of them are already satisfied with hosting virtual conferences, mini webinars, and virtual standup meetings, and guess what? All of these come at a cost, heavy data usage!

Well, it’s very easy to conclude, “but what can be done since those are official?” But those are not all that consume mobile data at work. Several other activities live and feed on data usage like parasites, from visiting random websites that are not work-related to downloading heavy files for personal use.

This article will share some tips on how to manage the rate at which data is consumed by your team while using work Android devices.

(Disclaimer: We know connecting to the internet daily is necessary and must be invested in. However, it could be managed to avoid incurring extra costs) 

4 Tips to Start Managing Your Data Usage 

Review your team’s data usage per time

Never get too comfortable with the frenzy of a quick internet speed and uninterrupted connection without remembering to take time out to review how much data usage is recorded based on your team’s activities. This could be scheduled weekly, monthly, or even quarterly to help you make timely decisions.

Restrict background data

Another way to manage how much data is spent without interrupting its flow is by restricting certain background apps from running automatically until they are needed. They contribute to data usage when they are left unattended or unnoticed. Even though some of these apps may be default device apps, some could still be put on hold, while the most important ones could be left running.

Discourage shadow IT

Ensure your team members comply as much as possible by avoiding downloading heavy installation files without your knowledge. Most times, they download and install softwares or apps because of a pressing need, but most of them may be data-consuming and even dangerous for the device’s safety. Oversee any download to ensure only the necessary files are downloaded and gauge how much data is spent each time.

Manage internet access

Employ the use of a mobile device management solution to connect your work Android devices to a central one where you can oversee every internet activity, block non-work related ones, and restrict unproductive web surfing.

Every business aims to get as much positive return from any amount spent as running costs like data subscriptions; prioritizing how it is used could do a great deal of good to help your organization minimize cost and help your team members stay as efficient as possible.

Once again, data is life!