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How Security Services Companies can Leverage on BioRegistra

by Seamfix


Security Services Companies offer different security services, one of which is recruiting and outsourcing security operatives to Individuals and Corporates. As part of its processes, they recruit staff, train and send them to other companies, and from time to time need to verify that personnel seen on site are actually recruited by them and not impersonators and that they attend work daily.



Here lies the challenge; recruiting these staff means their data needs to be captured and printed for ID card issuance. Also, identifying these operatives after they have been deployed can prove difficult as impersonators can easily assume the identity of an operative – the sites just assume the Security service company has replaced or added a new operative. Furthermore, it becomes a problem for these operatives to be tracked. At the end of the month, the Security service company is expected to submit a report of their operatives’ attendance. With sites scattered all over the country, it’s nearly impossible to always do physical checks and is inconsistent and inefficient too.



The simple solution to this is BioRegistra. BioRegistra’s registration, identification, time and attendance functionalities enable it to solve these problems easily.

With BioRegistra, Security service companies can create registration projects that can be used to capture all her operatives using the Android or Windows desktop capture apps. These data can then be retrieved using API to be printed on an ID card printer. The system also ensures that the quality of the captured portrait is checked real time to ensure it meets ID card standard.

Subsequently, users will be required to clock in and out of work every day using either their fingerprint, their live selfie or a unique ID assigned to them after they have been captured, this can then be run at the end of a month to get the report of their attendance from the BioRegistra portal regardless of their location.