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How Seamfix Implemented Biometric Frontend Enrollment for Nigeria

by Seamfix


The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has the legal mandate to provide a sustainable world-class identity database for all Nigerians.

This is to help enhance governance and service delivery and affirm the identities of over 200 million citizens and legal residents.

Yet they had a major challenge.

NIMC was constrained by the limitation of its traditional enrollment solution (direct staff and physical centres) to cover the majority of Nigerians due to the stationary and expensive nature of its existing system.

This meant long wait times and a lack of access for citizens unable to be physically present at the enrollment centres.

To change the narrative, the commission required an easily deployed system that allows its agents to move around to capture data while maintaining required quality standards.

For a solution, NIMC adopted a public-private partnership with Seamfix Limited to develop a mobile system that could power biometric registration across the nation and in the diaspora.

That mobile system is ‘CivilRegistra’, an android enrollment software currently being used by over 16,000 Mobile devices in Nigeria.

Within one year of operation, the system enrolled over 4 million Nigerians and legal residents into the NIMC database.

Here’s the story of how it happened.

A significant challenge was the infrastructure required for the entire enrollment system to run effectively (from the backend to enrolment to verification).

Each system is handled by a different operator, and NIMC provides the physical infrastructure which is difficult to scale or update.

Our solution to this challenge was a mobile platform which was initially limited by the operating device.

Different mobile devices are built by different companies so you have the problem of stabilization and performance across the board.

Then you also have the challenge of image capture from device to device.

The quality of an image captured by a device is tied to the processor running on that device. And we have an image capture quality standard (ICAO) of about 16 different metrics that an image must pass before its acceptable.

So, many agents were unable to capture biometric data on low-end devices, as they wasted time trying to acquire high-quality images that could pass the  ICAO metrics.

Because NIMC had to avoid vendor locking (a case where a mobile vendor would monopolise the devices used), we had to additionally implement a system that would work efficiently on multiple devices.

For these challenges, we went back to the drawing board, standardised and set a threshold that would work across any mobile device, without sacrificing the quality of the image capture.

The CiviRegistra Android Enrollment Software (AES) was then designed to be accessible, mobile and less expensive to set up.

It was also designed to run on existing SIM registration devices currently being used by Telecommunication operators.  These operators are key to achieving nationwide enrollment since the NIN is linked to their sim cards.

It was the hardest work of our lives but we were up to the challenge, driving NIN Enrollment to over 8000 enrollment centres nationwide and in the diaspora.

At Seamfix limited, we’ve proven our capabilities in difficult terrains.

Our core goal is to devise innovative solutions that will make enrollment and unique identification of citizens seamless and convenient.

Having done it at scale in Africa’s biggest nation, we have the proficiency to achieve similar and better results for your enrollment needs.


Meet your Enrolment Goals with Civil Registra

On the whole, identity systems in Africa are underfunded and under-resourced.

The lack of ICT infrastructure, including internet and power, is a major barrier, not to mention paper-based records vulnerable to damage.

Only a few countries are relatively advanced in terms of coverage, robustness, integration, and utility.

The good news is – your country can join them too. And you can be the one to bring this robust development to your people.

Seamfix limited has implemented projects based on our biometrics technology, registering and validating millions of people with ease and security.

Our Android Enrollment Software, Civil Registra, for instance, can be used across

  • National ID
  • Civil Registration (Adult and Child)
  • Voter Register
  • Driver’s License
  • National Population Census
  • Birth Registration
  • Death Registration
  • Data Modification/Update

All these and more with a low setup cost and High-Quality Mobile Capture.

With CivilRegistra, you now have the opportunity to solve your enrollment challenges and achieve nationwide growth and security.

Contact us today to help you meet your digital identity goals.