How Leasing Companies Can Use Digital Consent Forms
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How Leasing Companies Can Use Digital Consent Forms

by Seamfix

Providers of delicate services often need to gain the consent of recipients of their services before offering it. Consent forms provide the best means of documenting these agreements, even though they vary by industry, including healthcare, engineering, oil and gas, finance, and so on. However, consenting to terms and requirements should not be so hard. It should be quick, on-the-spot, cost-saving, and improve productivity. In essence, it should be digital.

In the first of a number of series on digital consent forms, we take a look at how leasing companies can digitize their paper consent forms and improve process using BioRegistra.

Making the introduction

The first interface on the leasing consent form basically introduces the facility or asset being leased out by the leasing company. A short description of this is required, as well as the date when the form was filled.


Terms of Lease

Here, users can fill important details that include why they want to rent an asset, the duration for which it will be used, as well as attaching a Certificate of Issuance. These information will normally be used as a binding basis for which the facility will be leased, from its availability to the provision of relevant documentation.


Leasing Rates

Users agree to the rates set for using the asset. This is dependent on the agreed period of rental; days, hours, one-time use, etc. If there are extra rates, the form also shows this to the user and consent is reached before clicking the next page.


Electronic Signature

The ultimacy of digital consent forms lie in the ability of users to show their agreement to the terms by signing off electronically. BioRegistra lets both the lessor and the renting party to sign on the app, supported by required fields for the names and designations of both parties.


Digitizing consent forms ensures that nothing is lost in the details. Fields can be added and removed as the organization deems fit, a thing that is not easy with paper forms.

Here are some other situations for which BioRegistra as a tool for creating digital forms can be used.