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How ISP Companies Can Use BioRegistra to Register and Verify Her Subscribers

by Seamfix


An Internet Service Provider involved in providing internet service to individuals, with location nationwide.



As a regulatory requirement, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements had to be done for her customers before Internet source is supplied to them. This is to ensure they don’t fall foul of NCC regulation which requires that valid subscriber details are captured.

The challenge was the availability of a system that could easily help them configure what they needed to capture based on the KYC requirements, and also be sure that any detail captured by their field agents are valid and pass the NCC specifications.

There was also the need to ensure that these captured data could be retrieved in a format accepted by NCC  and could also be integrated to their CRM for their subsequent Customer follow up and marketing activities easily.



BioRegistra’s core value is its ability to allow users dynamically configure forms that can then be used to register people and data generally. The ISP was set up and with its Registration feature, was used to capture her customers during sales.

BioRegistra also does a validation on biometric information real time; it validates that the portrait capture is a real face with both eyes open, no cap covering the face, etc, and also checks that the fingerprint quality is high. With this assurance, the ISP was able to send her field agents to capture subscribers when making sales, with the assurance that every captured record will be accepted by NCC.

With the set of APIs offered by BioRegistra, she was also able to conveniently and instantly retrieve the captured data to be used in other third party CRM systems and was also able to receive theses captured data in XML format, a format ready to be sent to the Communication regulatory body.