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How a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) can Prevent Cyberattack

by Seamfix


A cyberattack is simply an attempt by hackers to gain access unlawfully into a computer system in order to steal critical information or weaken existing protective measures for future attacks. That is, it may be a one-time attack or a set of consecutive hits intended to open up every security in preparation for the final blow.

Of course, cyberattack may not be new to you as an IT manager as you have probably read from people who have lost their monies or data to hackers or you have, at one point or another, dealt with recovering compromised data after a member of your organization released information on some malicious websites unknowingly.

Imagine the unrest that filled the air before you eventually covered up the breach. “Unrest” may even be mild compared to the impromptu IT cost that must have been incurred while trying to restore business activities as soon as possible. 

A tested and effective solution that can help you prevent future attacks is a mobile device manager (MDM). 

An MDM is a software that enables IT managers or heads of admin departments to implement policies that monitor, secure, and manage the activities their end-users or staff can perform on the organization’s mobile devices. 

Never again do you have to worry about whether your devices are being used to visit websites that introduce malware or leave the devices’ security vulnerable to attacks. Your devices are like extensions of your organization; a loophole in any of them can fire back directly at your organization’s database. It can be that critical. 

With an MDM, you can have your eyes on the websites your end users are visiting and allow access or deny them based on how malicious the websites are.

Smart IT managers make smart decisions, hence their preference for Seamfix’s SmartMDM.  It’s high time you took charge today to ensure your devices are well protected, even when they are being used remotely.

Whether Android or Windows-powered devices, SmartMDM helps you leverage your autonomy as a manager to ensure your device users comply with every laid out security measure and no part is violated. Check out how SmartMDM helps medium and large organizations secure their data against cyberattacks here as an effective Windows and Android device manager . 

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