Going Digital: Changing the Trajectory of Your Business Growth Chart with Data-Driven Decisions.
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Going Digital: Changing the Trajectory of Your Business Growth Chart with Data-Driven Decisions.

by Seamfix

the business world today, Data is considered King, and for all the right reasons too. The 21st-century business market place is a data-driven environment and data is at the core of every decision-making process. Data empowers business owners with facts, statistical numbers and trends useful to manage the day-to-day business activities, growth strategies and finances of the organization and those who do not have it will be racing against their competitors in a blindfold.

We could go on and on about the importance of data and never be lost for reasons. However, just as it takes the right king to lead a nation right, it takes the right data to make the right decisions. Hence, It is possible that even an organization with a houseful of data can come crashing down. With so much information out there, business owners must be able to filter through the chaff and get the right data to leverage on — only then can they make the best decisions for growth.

The right data should have the following characteristics:

  • Must be from an authentic source.
  • Must have integrity, which means it must not be corrupted.
  • In the case of sensitive data, the right data must have access control, which means unauthorized personnel cannot access it.

The ever-increasing need for data is the reason for the equally rising need for optimal means of data capture, which is a major pain point for most business owners. However, the emergence of new technologies has simplified this process which has brought about another saying ‘Go Digital or Go Home’.

This is because it is a world where some of the fastest decisions have to be made and manual means of data capture will only slow down this process.

The Role of Digitization in the Data-Driven Decision-Making Process

Simply put, digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. To any business owner eager to make data-driven decisions with the right kind of data, digitization is the key. Digitization is one way for businesses to go completely paperless and begin using digital forms to collect useful information for analysis. This drastically reduces the amount of time taken to gather data and improves the workflow. Basically, digitization is that thin line between an efficient data capture process and a counterproductive one.

Today, emerging technologies are aiding business’ quests for digitization. One of such new-age technologies includes Data Collection Platforms, offering businesses a perfect escape from the shortcomings of paper forms by enabling an easier and quicker collection of clean and verifiable data.

The benefits of data collection platforms are endless. Some of which include:

  • Saving organizations money (cost of buying paper, printing, transporting and even storing).
  •  Ensuring clean data by eliminating entry errors during the digitization process or data loss during transcription.
  • Allowing for massive reach and scale.
  • Empowering organizations to carry out real-time analysis for quicker decision making.

Choosing the right digitization platform for your business

As business owners come to the fast realization that paper forms are not doing their businesses any world of good and go about seeking options for digitalization through digital forms, many digitization platforms are springing up to match the growing needs for digital forms.

As a business owner making the same choice, you would be truly spoilt for choice. However, since there are different kinds of businesses with equally different needs for digital forms, it is important to have an overview of what you should be looking for when deciding which data collection platform to adopt.

Here are some options below;

Mobile Enabled

As a business owner, the foremost feature you should always consider when choosing a data collection platform is its ability to work on mobile devices. Your forms should be able to go anywhere with you and your customers and even fit in their pockets. This will be valuable to businesses that send out field agents to collect data.

Offline Capability

For business owners with a large customer base distributed in remote locations, it should be considered a priority that your choice data collection platform should work perfectly in the absence of network connectivity. This allows for massive reach and nationwide inclusion.

Flexible Form Builder

Making a decision to upgrade your paper forms to digital forms means your form should be exactly how you want it to be and should reflect the style of your business. Hence, you should ensure that your data collection platform is flexible enough to allow you to create your forms and configure them with any requirement you need from your users. Requirements include the type of data needed — textual, images, fingerprints,eSignatures and so on.

Easy Integrations

Your choice digitization platform should take data collection a step further by enabling you to integrate with your existing business workflow. With this, there will be no need to start restructuring your business processes and this helps ease the manual burden from you and your staff.

Real-time Analysis

Collecting data to make data-driven decisions can go the extra mile if the process is faster than that of the competitors. Achieving this speed with data collection platforms can only be possible if the platform is embedded with quality reporting and analytics tools to analyze data in real-time. The ability for speedy data analysis at the point of need will enable proactive decision making rather than reactive and improve operations at a faster pace.

Making the right digitization decision with BioRegistra

True to her quest of empowering organizations to grow with data, Seamfix is powering a platform that digitizes the end-to-end processes of data collection and verification. With 12 years plus of innovation and over 15 local and global recognition and awards, Seamfix has successfully digitized millions of documents, captured and verified over 100M biometric identities.

Our data capture and form digitization solution, BioRegistra is a market leader in data capture and analytics and offers all the robust features explained above critical for a well-implemented digitization strategy. BioRegistra is currently in use by hundreds of organizations in Nigeria and across Africa within various sectors — manufacturing, security, banking & financial services, NGOs, public sector, etc.

As business leaders, it is key that you champion incorporating reliable data acquisition into your business strategy to scale higher than the competition and consistently surpass your customer expectations. The good news — we can help you achieve that, and more!

Visit www.seamfix.com/bioregistra or call us today on +234–1–342–9192 to schedule a demo.


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